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Jun 042014

On ~*June 28th*~ we’ll be hosting a new class on hacking NES cartridges for art and various related shenanigans. Cory Arcangel’s Super Mario Clouds is a well known work of digital art where a Nintendo game cartridge was modified to just show the clouds in the game. He also happened to release some instructions on how to reproduce his leet hax! In this workshop, we’ll be creating Super Mario Clouds from old NES cartridges, bringing modern art to your living room without having to splurge at Art Basel. Some basic soldering, desoldering, and programming will also be covered as a bonus since that’s how old NES cartridges are hacked.

Limited to 12 spots and includes your very own old Super Mario cartridge.

This class will be taught by NYC Resistor member David Huerta and Jon Dahan, who crafted this workshop after his experience re-creating it at the Metropolitan Art Museum’s Media Lab. Sign up on Eventbrite.

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  1. Does this involve more than just swapping out the ROM chip? It would be totally bogus if all you do at this thing is pull out the original chip and plug in a pre-written Clouds chip. But if you walk through the ROM hack then I want to join, with a few others. Let me know! Thanks!

    • Great question, BURGERBEAT! We’re going through the whole process, including flashing the Clouds chip and getting our hands dirty with some assembly code. That’s also why the workshop is so long.

  2. What prior knowledge is necessary? I haven’t looked at assembly since my Commodore 64. And even then,I was only “poking” around. Commodore pun intended. I’d love to attend but I afraid I’m out of my scope.

    • That’s the perfect amount of experience – recognize what assembly looks like, but not necessarily know / remember 6502 or any variant. We will go over what the program is doing line by line as its quite short, and if things go smoothly, we will have time for people to experiment with thier own hacks!

  3. Excited. Will be there!

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