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Learn to Program!

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Sep 062012

Computer Cat 01

We’re often asked if we can host an introductory programming class or two; in fact, our resident Classmaster informs me that a full 19.76% of former students report they’d be “very interested” in programming courses. To that 19.76% of a representative sample size, boy have I got an offer for you!

I’ll be teaching Introduction to Programming and Python on October 6th, right here at NYCR. What will you learn, as a vaunted and privileged member of the 19.76%? The goal is to bring you through the basics of programming using some practical and simple examples, to a point where you can begin to learn independently and take home some working code that you can customize and hack on.

What do you need to bring with you? In the hardware department, you need a laptop with some variant of UNIX, like OS X or Linux. If you’re a Windows user, a virtual machine running Linux will be fine. In the brainware department, I won’t assume any prior programming experience, but I will assume a moderate amount of familiarity with computers in general. You should know your way around your own system and be curious about how things work. This is designed to be a gentle introduction, not a crash-course for the impatient, but I’ll be happy to change the pace of the course as necessary.

Interested? Head over to the class page and sign up!

Questions? Feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected]

Photo via Flickr user steve caddy, because cats.

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  1. i want to study about hacker

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