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Nov 202011

New Work City is a fantastic co-working at Broadway and Canal in manhattan. If you’ve never checked out a co-working space, it’s a lot like NYC Resistor, except instead of gathering in the evenings to hack on projects, it’s a place for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who works for themselves to get stuff done.

It’s also a great source of community and connections, and as New Work City starts ramping up their own classes, we’re doing a bit of cross promotion. We think many of the classes will be interesting to the NYCR community!

Upcoming Classes at New Work City:

Check out their full class roster for dates, and sign up for their newsletter to get updates!

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  1. nice idea! I;m going to stop reading this now and get some stuff done with some other folk. (glad to know that this is indeed done by others and that I’m not “needy” alone!)

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