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Dec 082010

Hilary and I will be speaking at the Y+30 meetup this coming monday at the 92nd street Y as part of a panel that will be discussing how people will communicate with machines (and vice versa) and with one another through machines.

The Y+30 meetup examines how various aspects of our lives might look in 30 years, and this panel should be very interesting! For my part, I’ll be bringing my experiments with openFrameworks, openCv, and some very raw Kinect hacking (thanks Widget!) as well as my monome.

Event link (note, this is not at NYC Resistor!)

Event Excerpt:
As technology continues to evolve and innovate at breakneck speeds, we’ve seen human behavior upended in a miraculously short span of time. Not only has our manner of communication changed, but the very notion of communication and the communicative abilities available to us are completely different. How people relate to one another professionally, socially, and artistically are different than even ten years ago, and will likely be much different thirty years from now. This panel will examine these ideas from multiple perspectives, including digital art, policy, social media, human- computer interfaces, and more. A diverse collection of technologists will speak on the subject, and there will be demonstrations of gadgets and interfaces from hack collective NYCResistor and an art installation piece from digital media institute Harvestworks.

Tickets for this event are $10 and are available through the 92Y Box Office and Venmo.

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