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Nov 242010

A few weeks ago, Google approached us to see if we’d be interested in throwing in a DemoSlam entry using the QR Code Waffles that we’d previously attempted. (hat tip to Foxx, who came up with the idea at a craft night)

After some successful experimentation with hand-drawn QR codes I put out a challenge to the rest of NYCR: The team that makes the most righteous, edible QR code that actually recognizes using google googles wins the prize.

Naturally, the prize started with “W” and ended with “affles” 🙂

As always, the amazing creativity and ingenuity that Resistors brought out for this project blew me away! Check out the video below, and lots more info on the various projects after that

Our slam came out great, but it’s impossible to show all of the amazing projects in the short span of the video. Here’s a roundup of all of the amazing hacks:

Ranjit’s awesome QR Code Tortilla took home the prize for being an amazing and edible food hack that recognized.

Successfull QR Tortilla scan

Raph put the new milling machine to work on a custom waffle iron, milling out the tiny blocks of the QR code. Unfortunately the milling didn’t quite work out, so no QR code waffle maker (or cattle branding) for us, but the iron itself recognized when it’s recesses were filled with flour, and the thing just looks gorgeous.

Heating the mini QR waffle maker

Mini QR waffle maker

Jeff not only made a custom cast QR code icon, he also brought a ton of tiny jello “jiggler” cubes and made a beautiful QR code in google colors.

MG 5720

Backlit jello QR

Zach got a Makerbot frostruder going and printed a working peanut-butter QR code on a slice of cheese

Makerbot "Nutella model"

Adam said “om nom nom” as he ate his mashed-potatoes and gravy QR code, and also lead a crew using the laser to each out the QR code from a pancake

Epilog Pancake QR

Chris, Nick, Ryan, and Ben assembled a QR code out of cheese-its, EZ-Cheese and posterboard.

Cheddar Cracker QR

Charles attempted a QR code out of microchips (chips are edible, right?)


And finally, thanks to Liz, Jon S, Jon K, and Herb, we actually got the QR code waffle to work, after lots of slicing and splicing and some judicious use of chicklets and chocolate chips.

Nutella dispensing

Chiclet Waffle QR

It was an incredibly fun night, and huge thanks to everyone who threw a hack into the contest, helped put them together, and to everyone who was friendly to the crew as they joined us in the space for the shoot.

Now… Who’s hungry for waffles? 😀

Successful waffle QR

PS: You can check out the rest of Trammel’s awesome photos here

PPS: Huge thanks to LuckyNY for doing the shoot and being generally awesome to work with!

(For anyone curious about the music, it’s one of my 8-bit tracks “Underclocked” from “Resistor Anthems” which you can download free under a CC-BY license here:

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  1. Looks like great fun. let me know when the next one is.

    Patrick Donnelly, QrArts,

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