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Sep 302010

Make your own Arduino and learn to program it! One of our most requested classes is back – come join us Sunday at noon and get started with Arduino, soldering, and electronics. There’s so much fun stuff you can do once you’ve got an Ardunio and some basic skills and this class gets you set up with both. No previous skills (programming, or soldering) required.

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This is your friendly introductory class to soldering and micro-controllers. In this three-hour class we will:

  • Solder together a Freeduino board (an Arduino Duemilanove-compatible board)
  • learn how to program it using the Arduino environment
  • wire up several circuits and load up code to read sensors and light LEDs
  • cover variables, functions, basic Arduino functionality
  • show you how to get more help in the future for all your projects
  • When you leave, you’ll have a micro-controller, a mini-USB cable, a power supply and a few programs to play with.

Please bring a laptop with the Arduino environment on it. It’s available at

You can register for the class here

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