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Aug 122010

Join us for Dan Steingart’s class on batteries. He’s a battery researcher at City College and is giving a free class about batteries at NYC Resistor this Wednesday, 8/18 7-9pm. Here’s how he describes it:

You’d like to sever that USB cable and let your device into the wild, but how will it survive? On batteries, of course! But before you let your little one go, spend a little time at Resistor and learn exactly what is going on inside the battery and how to make the best of it.

You’ll learn:
– What voltage really represents
– Why batteries are not getting much lighter
– How to maximize cycle life
– When to use primary vs. secondary cells
– Why batteries heat up
– Why batteries stop retaining charge
– How to mate batteries with energy harvesting devices
– What a battery looks like on the inside

Please bring questions!


Dan Steingart, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
City College of New York

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  1. Thomas Lowenhaupt would like to attend. Is there a registration process?

  2. Any chance someone could tape this?!? I'll be out of town but I reeeaaallly want to go!

  3. two questions:
    – First recording pretty please with sugar on top? (People from europe here).
    – Is there a (compelling) reason not to drive electronics (digital mostly) directly from one LiSomthing or two NiMH cells? given many components nowadays are 1.8V – 5V capable. surly with a little “breaker FET” to prevent deep discharge.
    i always wonder this, given that it (still) is not to easy to get a dc/dc converter with better 80% efficiency (not the part, the real life implementation).

  4. Another vote for posting a recording of this! (I'm in Los Angeles, but I imagine most of the laws of physics and chemistry governing batteries and electronics still apply here).


  5. Do you need to call in and reserve a seat or can those interested just show up?

  6. I'm guessing no registration is required? How many people does the space hold?

  7. do feel i have a better grasp on batteries now. I know how they work and which ones work better than others. i know what it looks like on the inside of the cell when overcharging happens. i also am more aware of battery recycling and how important it is for us to keep these precious metals out of landfill for when we need them 40 years down the line (when all the mines dry up)

    i heard dan was going to post the powerpoint slides somewhere on the site. keep an eye out.

  8. Darn, Sorry I missed this. Can't wait for those slides.


  9. Does anyone know when the slides will be up? Lots of useful information on them…

  10. I found the slides with google.
    <http: 09=”” 2010=”” resistorbatterytalkaugust2010.pdf=”” uploads=”” wp-content=””“”></http:>

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