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Feb 082010

Hello World Hackerspace Map

Ok, what did I miss? Leave a comment here or click the picture to leave a comment on Flickr. – Bre

  5 Responses to “What did I forget to add on my Hello World Hackerspace Map”

Comments (5)
  1. The Rule 34 Lighthouse is the best part.

  2. out someone at the troll bridge who feeds breadcrumbs and add a sign “don't feed the trolls”

  3. You must have purposely left out MakerBot, because I don't think that you–of all people–would forget to include it.

    I like the dragon and narwhal (not narwhale, btw).

  4. How about a befuddled journalist wasteland?

  5. how about the half-sunken Fail Boat?

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