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Aug 082009

Bre and Skiff Vamping it up

Gizmodo kicked off their “Summermodo” event yesterday with a post asking if you’re a “nerd that can tan“, and they chose to use this hilarious photo of me and Bre showing off the fangs we made for a Halloween episode of the show that Bre was working on a few years back. I guess there’s nothing quite as pasty as a vampire geek, so kudos to Gizmodo for pulling that photo from the archives.

By a funny coincidence, I’m on a beach vacation for the week, so I figured I should present some photographic evidence that, yes, Resistors (and geeks everywhere) actually can get a tan.

Mario Beach 3

And yes, that is a scene from Super Mario Bros made of seashells beside me. 😉

Mario Beach Scene

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  1. That is THE geekiest thing I’ve ever seen!

    (on a beach, at any rate!)


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