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Aug 042009

Awesome August Flyer

Here at NYCR, this is no ordinary August we’ve just started… This, my friends, is Awesome August.

What’s Awesome August you ask? Well, in order to make this hot summer month live up to its new name, we’ve challenged each other to get off our collective butts and finish up all those great projects, neat ideas, and crazy pipedreams that we’ve been talking about since January and get them done this month.

Like many other Resistors, I’ve had a few projects brewing for far too long, and it’s time to get them done and put them out there. I needed to give myself a deadline, and here it is. I’ve pledged to finish, document, and publish 4 awesome projects in August. It’s a tall order, but I’ve got some great stuff in the hopper, and I’m excited to finally get them done. The idea of Awesome August caught fire at NYCR, and when I issued the challenge to the rest of Resistor as well, everyone in the room stepped up with at least one amazing project that they’re going to finish this month!

So, this will be a busy (and awesome, yes, we’re going to totally wear out that word) month here, but Awesome August doesn’t just stop with us. I’m issuing this challenge to everyone who’s got a project on the burner but hasn’t gotten around to finishing it up. Now is the time! Finish it up, snap some pics, write up a blog post, and tag everything #awesomeaugust so other people can find it, and add a link in the comments here.

Finally, Join us on August 22nd for the Interactive Party – Justin’s already started his Awesome August project for the party – a giant 8′ lite brite!.

You can see what everyone else is tagging with “#awesomeaugust” here:

Help us spread the word! You can link to this post here:

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  1. I love this graphic for AA. Well done!

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