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Apr 152009

A few recent events have made us aware of the risk we face having children at NYCResistor.

We at NYCResistor are passionate about education and inspiring young people and we have plans in the works for age appropriate curriculum and outreach programs to places that are more kid friendly and have fewer deadly tools. We want a better world and we know that starts with inspiring children and giving them access to cool and cutting edge projects.

Until we can look into this issue and get clarity regarding the risk, our policy is that no children under 18 are allowed at NYCResistor.

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  1. You might want to look into outreach events until you sort it out. AS220 Labs recently took a soldering workshop on the road to a public library:

  2. I think that it is unfair to not let children in nycresistor. I am 13 and i am very mature. I think That maybe.For children to come in you should ask them for there report card. If they have a good average and good conduct you could let them in or you could give them a test to see what they know and if they would be suitable in working in nycresistor. If not you guys could maybe. Make a area or day or program for kids to go. I would be especially interested in a summer program.I want to be able to share my idea with people that under stand me. I try to tell my mother she doesn’t understand that much. I try to tell my friends they think I’m weird and don’t listen to me. There is two people that i at least think truly under stand me my computer teacher(who got me interested in electronics and a student from polytechnic who come to my class once a week and i just dump on to him all my ideas. I don’t do this prosperously but I don’t really have any one else to tell my ideas.I would like to make friends and talk to people that under stand me. I already have an arduino I know the basics of electronics have all the tools and components needed to do electronics hacking fixing and other things. Sorry for this being so long but i think you look in to my idea

  3. I don’t think children would be wandering off the streets into NYC Resistor. If there is someone under the age of 18 there, I’m sure they will be there with a responsible adult. As long as the person that brings said ‘child’ to NYC Resistor can show that the kid can maintain proper behavior and discipline in a work area, that should be fine. However if they have sticky fingers that have to touch every little button, switch, knob, they should be ejected from the workshop, with all due respect of course.

    I think this is a harsh ruling. I worked around heavy tools my entire life from an early age, and I from that I have built an early respect for the power, and potential of tools and machinery, both good and bad.

    I have been a mentor to many kids that are now heavily involved in tech. Age was never prerequisite. My friends son, an 8 year old, I had SMD soldering, and understanding 8-bit computer systems, among other topics (like how to work with chemicals, PCB Etching, and various projects that can lead to injury if not handled safely). I can understand where NYC Resistor comes from, they do not want any little fingers missing, however I think the ‘Over 18’ thing is a little harsh.

    I was expecting to bring a few of the neighborhood kids that look up to me as mentor (youngest being 14) to NYC Resistor, to show them a good example of an open minded community with the main goals to inspire, teach, and learn from one another… not smoke pot and get drunk ‘cuz itz cool!!’ Guess I cant now.

    I think the heads of NYC Resistor need to have a thorough sit down and mull this one over a bit. Education and community do not discriminate by age… As long as an individual showcases respect, discipline, and a real demeanor on wanting to learn and follow proper safety guidelines (and accompanied by an adult) they should at least be allowed to sit and learn, if not create. Lead by example, by by a leash.

  4. Have you considered have a parental unit required to be present policy? Or does that still prohibit the consumption of alcohol and porn?

  5. For parents this policy means having to choose between spending time hacking or spending time with our children. Obviously, I’m going to choose my kids. Guess I will be nurturing their hackish tendencies at science museums and libraries.

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