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Apr 102009

The laser class is back and it’s the first Saturday of the month for May, June, and July. This is the class to take to learn how to use an Epilog 35W laser to make your rapidly prototyped dreams come true.

The class covers safety issues, design parameters, and a short introduction to Inkscape, a free vector based editor. I really enjoy teaching this class because everyone in the class leaves with an object that they’ve designed and made. Acrylic and lasertime is included in the price of the class. This class is a portal into the world of acrylic awesomeness

Besides being a great class to teach, I really enjoy this class because I never know what ideas the students will come with and make a reality. Watching people make objects from their imagination is magic!

The class is $75 for the class I affectionately call, “Fire The Lazzzor!

Update: If you want to really get into digital design, you could double up and take Edith’s Introduction to Illustrator class which will be taught earlier in the day in May. Her background is in fashion design and so that class is going to be a great introduction to doing the vector based world and everything you learn there is applicable to learning how to design for the laser.

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