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Apr 032009

turksandcaicos1Recently, Dave (W2VV) and I (KC2UHB) went to Turks and Caicos to operate ham radio and get a little winter time sun. We were given a temporary prefix VP5 to operate under making us VP5/W2VV and VP5/KC2UHB. We did some DXing and worked the satellites. To our pleasant surprise, VP5 turned out to be a more desirable location than we thought, and many hams tried to make contact with us as we called CQ on 20 and 40 meters. We had a few pile-ups.

We operated an FT-857d transceiver with a 13.2V 10AH NiMH battery pack and a Buddistick vertical antenna which we brought as a carry on through airport security (no problems). It was a lot of fun operating on the beach and the ocean really improved the signal. We made many contacts in Europe and one as far as Kazakhstan. Propagation was best in the morning and evening so we amused ourselves during the day snorkeling. Now I am spoiled and have become a total beach ham. I wonder if Yaesu has free promotional orange bikinis and beach towels to go with their free promotional Yaesu hats.

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