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Mar 302009

The Last Bottle of Club Mate

We mourn the passing of the Club Mate and a cloud hangs over our hackerspace.

  3 Responses to “Goodbye Sweet Caffeinated and Carbonated Goodness”

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  1. no more club mate?! but…what is a hackerspace without club mate? how will you all stay awake to hack?

  2. Somehow that makes me need a nap right now.

  3. When you are done mourning the last bottle and have come to acceptance of its passing… why not try and synthesize a similar drink yourselves?

    Instead of yerba mate extract and pure caffeine, you could probably get away with some Cruz de Malta yerba mate and loose tea leaves. This might be a good opportunity for a temperature-regulated hotplate. After brewing, filter the liquid, add just enough sugar and store. To add carbonation, perhaps buy one of those old-timey seltzer bottles.

    At the very least, this looks like it could be a good project, regardless of the outcome.

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