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Mar 242009

In celebration of Lady Ada day, a day to celebrate women in technology, here’s a spotlight on the ladies of Resistor!

Kelly and her Pacman Cupcake

Kellbot – Tinysaur champion and creator of a glowing pacman cupcake.


Pip – She’s the lab in the word Buglabs pictured here with a twitchie baby.

Diana's Fibonacci scarf

Diana – Fashion nerd pictured here with a fibonacci scarf.

Max in a pink skirt and safety belt

Max – Server wrangler and practicing safety with style.

Rose wrangles WORDPRESS!

Yarnivore – Sociological analyst and crafter.

Edith making a box

Edith – Breathing life into books with arduinos and seen here making monolithic white boxes!

You should also pop over to my friend Limor’s, aka Lady Ada’s site to check out the sale she’s having today on her electronics kits!

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  1. fibonacci scarf.?!

    more info needed.

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