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Mar 202009


I’m going to be teaching folks how to solder and each student will be provided with a TV-B-Gone kit to solder together.

You’ll learn the basics of using molten metal to make electronics projects come to life. You’ll also learn some basic techniques for removing soldered components. If you’ve always wanted to get into creating electronics, this is the class for you!

Sign up and take the class!
Date: March 29th 4PM-5PM
Cost: $45 (Price includes TV-B-Gone kit)
Location: NYCResistor 397 Bridge St. 5th Floor Brooklyn
Sign up required! LINK

  2 Responses to “Learn How To Solder Class – March 29th”

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  1. I’d like very much to attend this seminar. I can’t seem to find the registration page. Any info?

  2. How much can you learn in 1 hour?

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