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Feb 192009

Russ Nelson is going to be in town tomorrow and he’s going to stop by tonights craft/hack night and give a short talk about Open Street Map, the open source map project. I asked him, “Why Map?”

Sure, maps exist, plenty of them. The critical part is that like any document, what goes into it reflects the concerns of the author. If you have the military make your maps, they’re concerned about militarily important targets. If you have the businesses make your maps, they’re concerned about the commercially important entities.

When the community makes a map, it maps whatever it feels is important. That’s why we map.

Craft/Hack night at NYCResistor is a night to swing on by NYCResistor with a project, hang out, talk shop, knit, or needlepoint or all of the above. It starts around 6:30 and wraps up around 9. Russ will begin his presentation at 8pm!

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