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Feb 182009

Learn to make these EL wire shoes in the book, Fashion Geek: Clothes Accessories Tech from North Light Books coming out March 17 2009. Fashion Geek is filled with DIY electronic fashion designs by Diana Eng.

You can preorder a copy at

Music – Because Of You, by BLAME feat SELAH
Dancer – Zach Hoeken
Video Production – Bre Pettis

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  1. Diana! I’m such a huge fan, and I was wondering why you haven’t been updating your blogs. It’s ’cause you’ve been over here at the resistor! The book looks excellent. Where will we be able to get a copy?

  2. Hi tonedef, thanks for checking in on me, you can preorder a copy at

  3. Lights on shoes? Brillant idea( pun intended), especially those- like me- who don’tlike using their shins to find the furniture when walking around in dark rooms. Sounds like a must read.

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