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Feb 182009

Ok, there have been a few people bragging that they can count in binary on their fingers faster than anyone else. Enough trash talking! I want evidence! Here’s what you do if you want to participate in the first ever binary count off.

1. Learn to count in binary.
2. Practice.
3. Make a video showing your skills to the sound of Thumbuki’s Binary Solo MP3 which he has released to the world under a CC license. How high can you count in the 31 seconds it takes to listen to his MP3?
5. Get your video done by Sunday night, February 22nd.
6. Post a comment here with a link to your video!
7. I’ll put together a panel of judges and whoever they decides has the fastest binary counting video wins.
8. I will send the winner a Things t-shirt in whatever size you like. I have some girlie shaped t-shirts too, so this contest is not just for guys!

I rarely go to the post office. This is huge! I can’t wait to see if people are just talking or if they actually have some skills. Bring it!

(It will become very interesting if someone from FAT Lab competes!)

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