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Feb 122009

open street maps openstreetmaps

Russ Nelson is going to be in town and he’s organized an OpenStreetMap mapping party!

Hey, want to come out, and make NYC a better place to live whilst having fun at the same time? OpenStreetMap is a community-generated Open Source map of everything you think is interesting. “If you want it mapped right, you’ve got to map it yourself.” Don’t have the skills? Well, that’s what a mapping party is for! We’ll have GPS receivers to loan out, we’ll give you some instruction, and turn you loose on an unsuspecting city. You gather interesting positional data, come back, and we’ll show you how to place that on the map. Give it an hour or so, and it shows up on the map that everyone can see. The parties are Saturday 2/14 and Sunday 2/15, 11AM to 4PM, both at Radiance Tea House south of Central Park South. Details here on the OpenStreetMap wiki

Looks like fun!

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