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Feb 012009

fire the lazzzor

These classes fill up, reserve your spot now!

Harness the power of an Eplilog 35 Watt Laser! In this class you’ll learn everything you need to know to make the ideas in your head become a reality with a laser.

Bring a laptop and design ideas. If you think of it, install inkscape on your laptop, it’s opensource and free.

In this two hour class, we’ll walk through all the steps from idea to pressing the “go” button on the laser. We’ll cover safety and basic design skills in Inkscape and you’ll learn how to do a burninate test to find out if something is laserable. After the two hours, you’ll have time to prototype something until 3pm!

After learning the basics, each student will create their own design and lasercut it on the laser! A $10 lab fee is included in the ticket price and covers 12″ x 12″ of acrylic or wood and time on the laser cutter to cut and etch it.

I will be providing bagels and cream cheese. Give me a heads up if you are a vegan and I’ll make sure to have some jam or tofu cream cheese!

Photo Credit: Jared Klett

  2 Responses to “Fire The Lazzzor! – Learn how to use the 35 Watt Laser cutter at NYCResistor”

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  1. This is unbelievably cool!

    Please cometo London, pretty pretty please!!

  2. WAAAY Cool,I’m stuck on Big Island (Nyuck,Nyuck) and work as a Long Line Fisheries Observer so I can’t join you but it sure seems facinating.Aloha

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