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Mr. Fusion

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Dec 062008


We headed to Orchard Street on the island last night, planning to check out the Gizmodo Gallery. It was late when we got there and the gates were down. We were just about resigned to pressing our noses to the glass and gazing longingly at the lego death star when we spotted the time traveling DeLorean wedged up to the sidewalk. Josh Haldeman traded it for his Honda. Clearly he made the right choice. We jumped in the machine with every intention of hacking in, but had insufficient time. The fearless owner had to quit the Lower East Side for a game of Extreme Connect Four.

The Gizmodo Gallery’s open for one last day on Sunday from 11 – 4 in case you were looking for a reason to cancel your brunch plans.

Middle two photos by Ken Gilmer – Thx Ken! If you look close you can see the flux capacitor behind Josh.

Josh’s eyes are that red. Honest. He’s sort of a warm cuddly connect-four playing demon in a time machine. Read more about his obsession at Josh’s DeLorean WebSite: Living the Dream.

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  1. This was beautiful Admin. Thank you for your reflections.

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