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Nov 032008

I’m creating a video a day for every weekday in November and I kicked it off by making videos through the weekend as well I’m posting them to my blog everyday. Subscribe in iTunes and you wont’ miss any of them!

Remember that part of Tron when the Master Control Program digitizes Flynn with a laser? Raphael Abrams is making a low resolution probe in which he will basically do the same thing with a few components! Learn more about this probe thing!

Have you ever wanted a box that could control anything? Justin Day created the spooky box as both a physical and virtual interface for working with processing, a programming language popular with artists. Learn more about the spooky box thing!

Adam Cecchetti wanted a chess set and he wanted it now so he rapid prototyped one using inkscape to design it and a lasercutter to cut it out of acrylic. Learn more about his chess set thing!

Stay tuned for more!

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