Oct 112008

The other day while hacking at the Resistor space, I realized I was getting a crick in my neck sitting hunched over at my laptop. I needed some sort of laptop stand to get the screen up higher, and one that I could get my external keyboard under so my computer wasn’t too far away. I’d never seen exactly what I was looking for, so I figured I’d whip one up!

A little while later, with some help from Inkscape and our Lazzzor, I had this laptop stand. I’m putting it up on Etsy to see if anyone else is interested in having their own.

This recycled cardboard model goes for $8 and is sold 100% in support of the laser. Support your local hackers! Acrylic and wood models are coming soon. View the listing & more pictures

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  1. […] ich auf nycresistor.com einen Post zum Lasern eines Steampunk Laptop Stand gesehen hab, wurde ich an das Thema Steampunk erinnert. Das habe ich dann gleich zum Anlass […]

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