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Sep 202008

For History Hacker, my fellow resistor Raphael Abrams helped prototype some projects with me. We were at NYCR working on making an AC Generator out of a bike when Adam had the bright idea to hook the two ends of the coil to a speaker to listen to the sound of music. Bonus points for anyone who comments with a cunning and subtle reference to that movie, the sound of music.

My show is coming in a week! If people watch the pilot and the Nielsen ratings are good, I’ll be able to make a whole season of History Hacker and get to investigate inventions and inventors in history and show you how to make them!

History Hacker
Friday September 26th
8PM and Midnight
History Channel
(Right before and right after the first presidential debate)

You can join the History Hacker facebook group where folks are discussing their favorite inventors of yesteryear and I set up a History Hacker flickr group because I’d actually like to see the people who are watching my show as they are watching the show with me on the tv. (I think it will be cool to see who is watching the show!)

The show will live or die based on ratings and feedback from folks.

The history channel has message boards to talk about the show. They are tracking what is said there.

And if you feel so moved to write a message to them, I’ve set up an email for History Hacker feedback that forwards to the people at the History Channel who need to know.

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  1. Ok, Raphael *must* do an Igor impression on the show.



  2. I am teaching a course on hacker politics and culture this fall at NYU so I will make sure to pass this on to my students and let them know they should post their thoughts on the boards! Good luck with the show.

  3. So excited for you all goodluck! Can’t wait to watch!

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