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Aug 312008

Happy Optivisor Monster

Bill picked up an optivisor for the space, and attached an LED lighting enhancement. My SMT sequin work just got a googolplex times easier.

Picture of the optivisor in action after the jump

Optivisor In Action

If you look close you can see I’m not working on a surface mount led sequin, but even soldering simple leads just got at least a million-gajillion times easier. Now, just to work out a fair sharing scheme for optivisor time.

  2 Responses to “Clean Well-lighted Optivisor”

Comments (2)
  1. That looks really cool. Is the optivisor better than those magnifiying glass/fluorescent ring light things for doing SMT work? I’ve never used one before but Harbor Freight Tools has them for a few bucks so I might try one out.

  2. I like the optivisor a lot better than a magnifying light. I have a tendency to lose track of normal spatial relations once I’m focused on really small things, and I’ll smack the magnifying light with the end of my solder iron. I also get wildly frustrated that the magnifier won’t just magically refocus every time I move my head.

    The optivisor works like the world’s most powerful reading glasses; and for that I’ve already developed the neurological pathways. It took me a couple of months to stop making myself nauseous trying to look at people through my reading glasses. Now that I’ve mastered that, the same instincts kick in with the optivisor. If I lose visual focus, I flip the visor up to do whatever else I wanted to, then flip it back down again to work on the small stuff.

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