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Aug 282008

I’m learning QCAD and there is a bit of a learning curve. Got any tips or tricks? Leave ’em in the comments!

More tutorials – Link

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  2. “boo hoo”

  3. my favorite tools:

    lines => draw parallels – this allows you to draw lines that are offset a certain distance from anything. super useful

    edit -> trim / extend – this allows you to trim two lines to meet together. if they arent already intersecting, it extends them too meet. also super useful.

    edit -> bevel / round – this allows you to round and/or bevel lines you just intersected with the trim/extend commands. you can make pretty rounded corners with this. so laser 2.0!

  4. Have you tried Sketch UP? I’ve heard great things from my friends that do CAD, I think it might be for 3D though.

  5. Ugg..

    I work in AutoCAD all day so these stripped down basic drafting software become very difficult to use.

    But my best recomendation is work on paper when first starting out, it will help you later on…
    i revisit with paper and pencil whenever i start designing a new marco routine

  6. When will the CoCreate PE tutorial be coming? Free for non-commercial use.

    If you install ubuntu linux, qcad is free.

  7. Brain power?! Yeah sure, I’d rather pay for a well designed software.

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