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Acid Washed RFID

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Aug 222008

This is left when you acid wash rfid chips and take pictures of them. That antenna lead there is .0001 in diameter. We tip our hat to the Hackerbot Labs!
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  1. The bondwire is probably 0.001″ diameter, not 0.0001″. 0.001″ = 1 mil (1 mil as in one thousandth of an inch, not 1 mm). 1 mil wire is a standard size, although smaller wires are used in high density packages. I used to have to wirebond chips like this one and perform custom surgery like soldering tiny copper wires to the bondwires to make them resonate at different frequencies. The fun part about trying to solder to a gold bondwire is that if you get it too hot, the gold will alloy with the solder and vanish right before your eyes!

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