Aug 202008

Check out this challenge, it just started yesterday!

  • clearly this is a call for an FPGA study group!

    I believe there is, in fact, a local FPGA enthusiast group nearby, but I do not know what. I also tend to wonder if this is related to the DoD’s efforts to fund a contest to determine ways of detecting subtle manipulations of chips that could result in untrusted hardware.

    Not enough hours in the day – quick! polyphasic chronoton generator, now!


  • We’re unofficially calling it “The Underhanded Hardware Challenge.” It should be really interesting once we get some results in.

    Thanks Bre :-).

  • phooky

    Looks as if it’s only open to university students, which is total ass.

  • @phooky We’ll release code so other people can play with it.