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Aug 052008

We are in desperate need of an old skool teletype machine. These were used to distribute and communicate information across copper wires for a long time. The network they ran on has been long gone, but we need one for a project. If you can donate it to us, we’ll hold you in our heart forever. If you can sell it to us, we’ll pay you a reasonable amount! Ham radio folks sometimes have these. If you know anyone who’s got one gathering dust, we would like to bring it back to life!

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  1. Google “greenkeys” – its a listserv of veterans and telco company employees with knowledge of such things…

    I am sure someone on that list would be able to help.

    I received an ASR35 Teletype for free from a Greenkeys member – I had to wait a while and pay shipping, but I am very happy with the result.

    I am in the process of emulating a legacy minicomputer operating system and using the TTY to interface to it in the traditional manner.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi,

    the university where I’m studying has one of those teletypes. I’m not sure if it is still working and I don’t know if they want to sell it. Anyway if you are interested I can give you an e-mail address.

    Best regards,

  3. I think your looking for a Western Union Model 32 or 33. I think the difference is one does ASCII the other baudot. Go to and find the next major hamfest in NY metro area. High probability you will find one or someone who can give you a line on one.

  4. What kind to you want? there are many, and they came in ASR and KSR flabors. The ASR had paper tape that was read at high speed, and on a Model 33, it ran at a blazing 110 baud.

    Real baud, not wimpy bits per second.

    Most computer users in the late 60s used Model 33s, the telex and Western Union folks used other models. I think the Model 35 might have even had upper and lower case.

  5. we’re still looking for a few.

    if you know anything please post.

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