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Jul 282008

NYC Soldering Competition

I’ve had a number of inquiries about the rules of the soldering championship all set to happen at 7:15 at M1-5 this Tuesday.

Here’s the details that have been revealed so far.

With solder irons blazing, and the power of molten metal at their finger tips, New York City’s electricity enthusiasts and hardware hackers will connect components to complete circuits for the glory of being the fastest soldering gun in NYC.

On stage and under hot lights, contestants will complete an electronics kit in the shortest time possible while still maintaining the integrity of the circuit. Who will be New York City’s soldering champion? You’ll need to be there to find out!

Pre-Registration Required.

Doors open at 6:30. Competitor check in until the competition starts promptly at 7:15 PM.

$30 entry fee to cover the cost of the kit. It’s a really cool kit! (Undisclosed so you can’t practice on it!) We will have power strips available.

Here are some bonus details.

1. The kit you will be assembling is a through-hole kit that an experienced solderer can complete in less than 30 minutes. It’s a cool and practical kit that you’ll actually use. (Next year, with more lead time, I want to create a kit that has an surface mount component just to be evil.)

2. There will be a trophy for the fastest and I’ll have a few NYCResistor T-shirts to give out for the first 3 people there to check in.

3. You can use any soldering iron that you bring. (Next year, I may make you use a crappy super cheap iron just to be evil.)

4. No helping hands. (There had to be at least one evil rule!)

I am really looking forward to this competition. See you at M1-5 on Tuesday for check-in and may the best solderer win!

This event is part of Ignite, a geek night that Brady and I founded. There will be awesome presentations after the championship that you should stick around for.

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Comments (12)
  1. Wish I could be there guys, I would have certainly registered if I wasn’t working tonight. 🙁 Perhaps next time.


    oh, btw, satan asked me to remind you to use lead free solder next time >:) … and soldering guns…

  3. How about a webcam for next year?

  4. All the iron are same except the radioshack iron it had to be crappy and special at the some time T.T


  5. I’d pwn you all if I didn’t live so far aways 🙁

  6. “Next year, with more lead time, I want to create a kit that has an surface mount component just to be evil”
    Adding ONE surface mount component would qualify as ‘evil’?

    With a reasonable amount of experience, surface mount components tend to be even faster and easier to solder than through-hole, with the exception of the really fine-pitch and/or leadless IC’s, which are usually more suitable for reflow soldering anyway…

    In any case, I wish I lived close enough to take part in this, it does sound like a good time!

  7. I have to agree with Funkenjaeger. Surface mount components can be easier if you’ve done them before.
    And no offence but your version of evil is severely lacking. I’d throw in more than the simple ‘put this together’. I’d make ’em put it together then as they’re finishing throw “last minute changes” at them. So that theythen have to desolder parts aswell, maybe do some wire modding. Even placing parts where they wouldn’t normally belong. IE where there is no pads/ on the wrong sized pads(for SMT parts). Throw in a couple Solder bridges and stuff like that and you’re really getting close to evil.

    Real electronics work isn’t as simple as placing parts where they are supposed to go.

  8. how about just a single sided copper board with no thru holes, an enclosure, a hacksaw, a drill, and you just get the scematic! cheers.


  10. That photo looks like Edward Scissorhands on AC current.

  11. That photo looks like Edward Scissorhands on AC current.

  12. Hi guys – I need someone to solder something for me in midtown manhattan today.
    I wil pay cash for this…
    my email is [email protected]


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