I <3 Eventbrite

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Jul 252008

Online software services generally get a bad rap. Nobody says anything about them unless they break, and when they do everyone throws a fit. I’d like to do the opposite of that today and say that Eventbrite has done something that has made me really happy: They listened to me and made a change that makes my life much easier.

As you may know, NYC Resistor uses Eventbrite as a way to manage our classes by allowing us to put them online, sell tickets, and just generally make it a nice little system that works smoothly. The one gripe I had was that they previously lumped Draft and Live events into the same tab. Now as you can imagine, since we’re offering classes, we have quite a few Draft events, and quite a few Live events at any one time.

On a whim, I contacted their support team in hopes they would fix it. I sort of assumed that it would fall into some dusty bin of suggestions from users never to be seen again. Instead, I got an email less than 2 days after I contacted them saying that they had not only considered my suggestion, but implemented it as well!

Bravo Eventbrite, bravo.

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  1. […] We pride ourselves on being a responsive company, with a keen ear to user feedback and to the suggestions that come our way from users on the forum.  All ideas are carefully reviewed, and many of your suggestions and requests make it into the product.  Recently we had a request that made so much sense and was such an obvious good for the majority of user that we added it right away.  Thank you to the fellas at NYC Resistor for their suggestion that we separate live and draft events into two tabs, and thanks also for the kind words. […]

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