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I <3 Eventbrite

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Jul 252008

Online software services generally get a bad rap. Nobody says anything about them unless they break, and when they do everyone throws a fit. I’d like to do the opposite of that today and say that Eventbrite has done something that has made me really happy: They listened to me and made a change that makes my life much easier.

As you may know, NYC Resistor uses Eventbrite as a way to manage our classes by allowing us to put them online, sell tickets, and just generally make it a nice little system that works smoothly. The one gripe I had was that they previously lumped Draft and Live events into the same tab. Now as you can imagine, since we’re offering classes, we have quite a few Draft events, and quite a few Live events at any one time.

On a whim, I contacted their support team in hopes they would fix it. I sort of assumed that it would fall into some dusty bin of suggestions from users never to be seen again. Instead, I got an email less than 2 days after I contacted them saying that they had not only considered my suggestion, but implemented it as well!

Bravo Eventbrite, bravo.

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