Jul 052008

lenscap pinhole

Photo of my pinhole lens for my digital SLR.

Today I stopped in to NYCResistor and I made a lensless lens for my digital camera. I had a lens cap left over from when I had my camera stolen and so I drilled a hole in the cap and then cut a piece of aluminum from a pop can that would cover the hole. I sanded the aluminum down with fine sandpaper so it was really thin. (Don’t breathe the dust!) Then I poked it with a pin and then sanded the hole down. I checked that it was round by holding it right up to my eye and looking towards a light. Then I taped it onto the backside of the cap and made a little cover using tape for the frontside of the cap. The cool thing about pinhole photography is everything is a little blurry, but it’s all blurry in the same way, there is no focusing!

Pinhole can

Photo of the pop can taken with the pinhole lens. You can see the size of material I cut from the can to make the lens.

A while back I made a video and pdf about how to make pinhole cameras. Check them out if you want to learn more.

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