May 132008

In this video:

Chris Fenton, with his DIY Laptop.

Video by: Eric Skiff (behind the camera / CC-BY music).

From Eric: I’m teaching a class on “Building a website in 15 minutes with WordPress” This Saturday at 4. It’ll seriously change the way you build just about any site you work on – wordpress can be used for much more than just blogs! You can handle this class whether you’re a coder or not – you’ll be able to build a site with wordpress when we’re done. Sign up here. – Eric

  • yet another Mike

    WOW! Any plans for wifi?

  • Joe

    Amazing! I’m a fourteen year old living in Virginia, and I have recently taken an interest in Microcontrollers. Any chance that this laptop could be made with an avr microcontroller, and perhaps an SD card instead of EEPROM?



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