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Apr 022008


We’re beginning at the beginning with a few beginner’s classes. To begin:

Electronics 101: Lets make electronics fun! This is a class for the completely uninitiated. Repeat: no experience necessary! We’ll cover how to make a circuit, how to use a circuit, and what a circuit actually is. By the end of the three hour session you will be able to make a wiggling blinking wonderblob of your own creation. There are two sessions available:

Soldering 101: This is the place to start if you’re interested in making any kind of electronic project that you intend on making permanent, or that you intend on working at all in most cases. We’ll be making it easy for you. This class covers the practice and theory of good soldering, as well as safety. And as a bonus, there will be some super secret hints and tips that you can only get from a seasoned professional! There are three sessions available:


Soldering 102: Freeform! This is a more artistic and sculptural application of the skills you will learn in the soldering 101 class. This is great for very cheap and rapid circuit building. It’s also great for wearable and toy circuitry! In this method, you will skip the circuit board completely and make working circuits that are held together by their own mechanical structure. You solder the parts directly to each other. Sounds difficult, but it will be old hat within an hour if you come give it a try! No need to take the 101 class first. There are two sessions available:

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Will you guys be offering the Electronics 101 classes again anytime soon? I’m very interested in both the 101 and 102 classes, but I was out of town for the first round.


  2. Hi

    I also would love to attend the Electronics 101 and 102 class. When will this be offered again?


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