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Mar 192008

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Now that we’re settled in our new space, it’s time to start some classes! We’ll be focusing on beginner classes this month, so if you ever wanted an intro to soldering, electronics, gameboy programming, and more, this is your chance. You’ll also need a few of these skills under your belt to move on to the more advanced stuff in the coming months. I have a feeling that many of us already in NYCResistor will be signing up for these classes as well, so if you want in, sign up soon!

We’ll be offering classes for $25 an hour (with the occasional lab/parts fee) which is quite cheap, and a good portion of that goes to help keep NYC Resistor up and running.

Here’s the list of classes on eventbrite, or you can subscribe to the iCal format in google calendar, etc.

See you there!

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  1. A quick little plug. I have recently started a Gameboy development forum and a wiki with the goal of promoting GB development and collecting information from sources around the internet. (I assume that this course is for the original GB, not GBA)


  2. Do we have to register or anything or can we just show up?


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