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Feb 042008

Hacker space signed and paid.Yes!

Today, the core members of the NYC Resistor group put down a good chunk of money on a space in Downtown Brooklyn. It turns out it was the first space that Dave found! – Link

It will be a space for monthly public meetups and much hacking.

It started with George, Peter and I at Chaos Computer Club Cologne. We had just been to the Chaos Communications Camp and were on a tour of hacker spaces in Europe when we decided that NYC needed a place for hackers to meet and share ideas and make things. We sat down and put together a good chunk of infrastructure and now, five months later, we have formed a strong core group and found a space and we start moving in later this month at 397 Bridge Street.

The last month has been quiet on the site while the core group has been busy behind the scenes developing infrastructure, starting an LLC to make it happen legally, and doing lots of planning.

Now that we have a space, we have a lot more hard work ahead of us, but there is no going back now! Stay tuned!

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  1. Wow sweet! Walking distance to my apt!

  2. Awesome!

  3. Hey guys!

    Nice to read that you found a hacker space in time 🙂 It makes me really proud that all the work for the hacker space design pattern catalogue was worth! Great to have a hacker space in one of the coolest cities on this planet. I should book a flight this summer 🙂

    Well, it’s not cheap, but the size (84m² for us Old Europeans) should be enough for a start. And in a year or two you can look around for a 24/7 space.

    So, best wishes for this hacker space and have fun with it!

    Regards, Pylon

  4. sweet, you set your mind to it and got it done. i owe you a trip to see it!!!

  5. Hey, that’s great news!

    All the best wishes from Bochum, Germany!


  6. awesome i gotta check this out

    hey Til gut namen like the guy from Rammstein =]

  7. This is exactly what NYC needs! Plus it’s close to my house, so I hope to spend some quality time there.

  8. This is exactly what NYC needs! There is already a building momentum of hackers in things like *camps, dorkbot, and geek meetups. A hacker space like this will be a great resource. I hope to spend some quality time there!

  9. Congrats, guys. Looks like a great space!

  10. I’ve been following NYCR thanks to Bre’s blog and think you have a really great crew there. I’m not a top hacker by any means, but I always get the inspiration to try new things thanks to the variety of projects here.
    Are outsiders welcome? I live in Toronto, but plan on being in NYC at some point in April and would love to visit.

  11. Welcome to the neighborhood :-). You guys should drop by. We have what you might call a hacker-space already inside of Polytechnic University. Drop me an email.

  12. Hope to get into NYC soon to check things out. Working on getting a hacker-space going here in Central Pennsylvania. Just taking the time to do it right.

  13. what i perceive is that ,that hacker spaces should be universal in its nature.The NYC resistors should expand branches worldwide to propogate the hackers movement worldwide.

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