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Nov 182007
Metalab CNC Invaders

Metalab CNC Invaders

Metalab CNC Invaders

I’m at the Metalab in Vienna and the guys here are working with a CNC Router to cut out Invaders! They’re using CamBam, which is an open source program for Windows. – Link

Update: after seeing it work, I’m impressed with the fact that this software takes into account the size of your tool, the only downside is that it’s kinda clunky. If you get it to work, take lots of screenshots to use as notes!

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  1. I love the space invader street art. I always thought he/she/they made them with tiles. It looks like they are going high tech and are going to carpet the streets with them.

    Ivan Irons

  2. I know this is an ancient post and all but I thought I'd point out that cambam isn't open source – which is really unfortunate as while its really cool – in fact I think its the best hobbiest level cam app out there – the fact that it for the most part is developed by a single guy and is close source has made for painfully slow growth with generally a single release per year including bug fixes – oooo.

  3. That's awesome, nicely done.

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