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Oct 192007


Under City Hall lies an abandoned subway stop and while it would be really difficult to heat in the winter, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a hacker space there?- Link

Note: If you ride the 6 train and fall asleep on it, the train circles through this station!

  4 Responses to “Ultimate Hacker Workshop Space: Under City Hall”

Comments (4)
  1. This is right out of a comic book!

    Deep beneath City Hall, unbeknownst even to the Mayor, a group of hackers are building the machines they will use to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

    The lair was discovered by Archcriminal Bre Pettis, who said, “We shall heat it with the glow of our hard working soldering guns! We shall light it with the righteousness of our cause! Bwahahahah!”

  2. I’ve always wanted to explore the abandoned subway tunnels, especially under City Hall. I should find out if there are any city-run tours.

  3. that would be absolutley amazing.
    we could always ‘borrow’ some power from the subway lines to heat the place up.

    we could use inductive heaters to warm up big steel I beams / celing trusses.

    -again, this would be amazing.

  4. Good! Not see if you can find Worth Street or 18th street!

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