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Oct 162007


Ok, this thing even has Arduino Clone stamped right on it and it’s $15. Yep, FIFTEEN BUCKS! True, it doesn’t have a usb connection on it but if you’ve got the tx/rx doohicky then you don’t need that anyway, right? – Link

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  1. one of these looks really fun to play with. will you bring it to the next lab day?

  2. If you do an order for NYC Resistor, you can get a discount for bulk – it’s only $100 for 10.

  3. The fact that the programing cable costs another 15 bucks kinda negates the low price of the chip.

    • By modding a Nokia CA-50 cell phone cable you can get a 5V TTL level USB-to-serial cable for less than $5. All you need to do is solder on a 6-pin connector that fits on the arduino.

      Besides, some projects need more than one arduino, but only needs one USB cable to program them all.

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