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NYC Suppliers

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Oct 042007

I’ve been perusing Tom’s NYC places-to-get-hardware list. It’s good. Read it and memorize it or if someone wants to whip out some geo-ninja skills and map these all out, that would rule. – Link

One thing I would add to this list is Sid’s hardware in Downtown Brooklyn around the corner from Metrotech. It’s big and it’s near where I work so I can pick things up from there easy peasy.

Note: Where do you like to get stuff in the city and boroughs? Leave a note in the comments!

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  1. I don’t know the name of the store, I just remember him as the old man of Canal Street. His chip prices are criminally expensive, BUT he seems to spend his days unsoldering old electronics and harvesting the resistors, capacitors, potientometers, and so forth. If you ever have a sudden pressing need for 10 MegaOhm resistors the size of small rigatoni and can’t wait for a SparkFun delivery, this is the place to go.

    The Old Man of Canal Street [not his real name], 259 Canal, all the way in the back.

  2. Wow! There’s still one of those left? Once there where many places like that all around the street.

    Now that I know about that one, count me in.

    There is one at the far end of Canal Street, right by Sixth Avenue and the A/C/E Subway stop there. Naturally I don’t remember its name, it might be Argo, or something like that. Be careful, the staff can be a bit peculiar.

  3. The name of the store is 269 Electronics, and its 269 not 259 canal. Its all the way in the back past a bunch of normal canal street merchandise. He is an NTI distributor so he stocks most of their parts.

    (212) 625-0405

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