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Sep 172007


The NYC Resistor Microcontroller Study Group will have its first meeting this upcoming friday from 7:30-9:30 at the Lemurplex!

Looking for a group of folks to hang out with and talk shop about microcontrollers? Is your microcontroller project lonely? Brush off the dust or put together a microcontroller project and bring it down to share at the first ever NYC Resistor Microcontroller Study Group. We’ll have tables set out for you to set your projects out on. If it’s not done or doesn’t work, bring it anyway!

What: NYC Resistor Microcontroller Study Group
When: 7:30-9:30 PM
Where: Lemurplex [map]

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  1. Hey this sounds like a lot of fun… unfortunately I might not be able to make it out this time. Do y’all have a listserv or something similar? Thanks.

  2. sorry, please delete that last comment. I hadn’t made it out of the blog…

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