Intro to TouchDesigner – 5/14/203

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May 062023

Intro to TouchDesigner

Tickets on EventBrite for this Sunday, May 14 · 3 – 6pm EDT class

TouchDesigner is a real time generative graphics application that can be used for anything from generating graphics using dynamic noise data in real-time to audio-responsive 3D geometry. We’ll go through multiple examples of how to start creating beautiful generative content in TouchDesigner. Interactive, immersive, generative media is the reason you’re investing in learning TouchDesigner, and this class helps you get started creating it right away!

In the class we will discuss the fundamentals of the TouchDesigner. If you have never used a node-based programming environment before, this class is for you. I walk you through the basics of TouchDesigner logic and workflows, explaining exactly what nodes and wires are and how they work. This includes a walk through of the basic settings and preferences you can leverage in TouchDesigner that set you up for success and make your life easier.

We will learn about all six of the operator families used by TouchDesigner, and how they integrate with the TouchDesigner workflow. I’ll walk you through an example project for each of them.

Instructor :Bio

Woody Poulard (aka GRNCH) is a Brooklyn-based artist/musician whose work focuses on generative audio-reactive visual installations and performances. He uses creative coding applications like TouchDesigner to generate real-time visuals, Blender for 3D design, and Ableton for music production. Trained in both audio and mechanical engineering, Woody also makes physical sculptures using digital fabrication techniques like 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC routing. GRNCH’s visuals use elements of abstract, futuristic, and hypnotic scenery, often paired with his signature sound: dark, cinematic, suspenseful techno and broken beat.

Personalized Textiles with Machine Embroidery – 5/13/2023

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May 022023

Personalized Textiles with Machine Embroidery

Tickets on EventBrite for this Saturday, May 13 · 1 – 5pm EDT class

Are you interested in learning how to use an embroidery machine? Join us at NYC Resistor and discover how to turn your design ideas into personalized embroidered textiles! In just the first half hour, we’ll show you how to transform your concept into a digital file that can be read by the machine. With over 100 thread colors to choose from, you can pick your favorite shades and let the machine do the rest. By the end of the session, you’ll have your very own custom embroidered t-shirt, pants, or any textile you desire. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to unleash your creativity with embroidery!


  • Bring your laptop, install Inkscape.
  • Bring design ideas, the logo should be small.
  • Bring your own textiles (no caps or hats)

This class will be taught by Karen, and the embroidery machine will be available for future use at NYC Resistor’s Monday and Thursday Craft Nights.

N95 masks required for this workshop.

Wool Felting! Learn + take home kit – 5/12/2023

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Apr 242023

Wool Felting! Learn + take home kit.

Tickets on EventBrite for this Friday, May 12 · 6:30 – 9:30pm EDT class

Fun with stabby-stabby! Have a stressful day? Have we got the craft for you! Wool can become anything you can imagine with felting! We’ll show you how to make a Totoro step by step using wool of various colors and accessories like plastic or glass eyes to create your own designs.

Are you a beginner? No problem! We’ll provide materials including wool, needles, felting pads, don’t-stab-your-finger safety gloves.

We’ll send you home with a starter kit with a complete project you can do at home – needles, accessories, pads, wool and pattern. And we’ll discuss what tools a beginner and then an intermediate needle felter needs.

You are also welcome back to Resistor any Monday or Thursday during open Craft Nights to use Resistor’s needle felt materials and tools to keep needle felting. Resistor strives to be an inclusive community, and if the class fee is a barrier to participation, please shoot us an email ([email protected]) and we’ll discuss!

This class will be taught by NYC Resistor member Susanne and needle felt veteran Aviva.

Open Hardware Summit returns to NYC April 28th and 29th

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Apr 232023

Open Hardware Summit 2023

The Open Hardware Summit is happening virtually and in New York City at NYU April 28/29th. A number of NYC Resistor members will be in attendance, and we would love to see you attend too – Get your tickets here! If you’re not near NYC, you can also watch virtually via OSHWA’s YouTube channel.

You can find the schedule here, which includes hands-on workshops, unconference sessions, and 2 days full of awesome talks from presenters around the world about open source hardware, education, creative tech, engineering and more!

BONUS: NYC Resistor will also be hosting Open Hardware Summit’s afterparty on the night of the 28th. Space is limited, RSVP here.

NYC Resistor at BSidesNYC – 4/22/2023

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Apr 222023
If you’re coming to @BSidesNYC , be sure to stop by the village and say hello! We have examples of projects made in our space, you can get a discount code for classes, and we’ll give away five tokens for free Club Mate you can grab from our fridge in Brooklyn.

Making Better Decisions with Metrics – Find Magic In The Data 5/31/2023

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Apr 212023

Making Better Decisions with Metrics - Find Magic In The Data

Tickets on EventBrite for this Wednesday, May 31 · 7 – 8:30pm EDT class

Good metrics are hard to find. Even harder – making metrics that people use to make decisions. ?Sure, we’ve heard about it before – but how do we go about it to make better decisions that don’t:

  • ?Take forever – people want us to make decisions within a time frame.
  • ?Use the wrong data – the data has to be the right kind of the right circumstance from places you trust
  • ?Engage with logical fallacies – We must avoid bias to be more confident in the future.

The biggest problem with most numbers is two fold – one they seem abstract to people leveraging them, even if they are researched, and two they simply don’t know what to do with them. Making better decisions with metrics is a talk that helps someone transform the numbers they have into something useable for the people who need them.

The instructor:

Adam Thomas – Technologist, product expert, consultant, speaker, writer, strategist

What can we learn by following our curiosity, embracing the unknown, and creating amidst chaos?

This is the question that propels Adam Thomas’s career as a technologist, product expert, and all-around thinker and creator. His answer so far? We can learn that our potential is limitless and we have an amazing array of options for living, working, and playing better.

Seizing every opportunity to dive deep into these topics and more, Adam regularly holds his signature workshop on product strategy, management, and leadership, publishes his newsletter on all things tech- and product-related, and is frequently booked as a speaker on podcasts, conferences, and other forums dedicated to bright ideas and big possibilities.

Situating the world of products within the contexts of culture and behavioral psychology, Adam breaks down technical subject matter into easy-to-grasp concepts, illuminating the insights that tech leaders, product developers, and brands can use to do more and do better when it comes to their product decisions.

Learn to Use a Laser Cutter to Cut and Etch Your Own Designs – 4/29/2023

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Apr 192023

Learn to Use a Laser Cutter to Cut and Etch Your Own Designs

Tickets on Eventbrite for this Saturday, April 29 · 3 – 6pm EDT class

Harness the power of an Epilog 60 Watt Laser! In this class you’ll learn everything you need to know to make the ideas in your head become a reality with a laser.

In this three hour class, you will learn:

  • How to set up a file for cutting on the laser cutter in Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator.
  • Laser cutter safety including materials testing.
  • Laser cutter operation including configuration, cuts and raster etching in common materials like wood, acrylic, cardboard and others.

At the end of class, you will go home with:

  • One laser cut project, either the class default or a simple one of your own design (see below for details)
  • Resistor Laser Certification, enabling you to use our laser on Craft Nights.

Please bring the following to class:

A laptop with either Inkscape (free: download here: or Adobe Illustrator installed.

A USB jump drive

The following items are optional if you’d like to try cutting a simple custom design. If your file ends up being too complicated, we may have you do the class default project first, just to learn the laser in the time allotted – but we’ll definitely help you with your more complex cut at a free Craft Night in future!

  • An SVG vector file of a simple shape you’d like to cut for your first cut.
  • A piece of 1/8 inch or thinner wood, acrylic or cardboard you’d like to cut. If you can’t bring your own material, small pieces will be made available, or larger pieces for purchase on site.

Please be on time for the start of class! If you’re late you will miss your slot.

Glass Bottle Cutting: Make-Along – 4/29/2023

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Apr 172023

Glass Bottle Cutting: Make-Along

Tickets are on Eventbrite for this Saturday, April 29 · 12 – 3pm EDT class

Learn how to cut glass bottles! No experience necessary. In this make-a-long, we will learn how to score glass and then heat and cool the glass to break it! We will have a limited number of empty bottles at the workshop, but you are encouraged to bring your own, too! Circular wine and liquor bottles work best, but we’ve also had some success with square and odd shaped bottles!

You can use the cut bottles for an array of crafts and hobbies! Planters, candles, lamps, drinking glasses, and more!

This class will be taught be NYC Resistor member Ben K. In a past life, Ben cut wine bottles and turned them into candles professionally.