School’s In Session Open Mic: Fall Semester 10/7/2023

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Sep 252023

School’s In Session Open Mic: Fall Semester

Tickets for this Saturday, October 7 · 7 – 10pm EDT open mic are available on EventBrite

Pay-what-you-wish (Admission only) or $20 with complimentary drinks

Come hang at a uniquely attentive and supportive open mic, where we joyful share a stage with first time performers, professionals, and everyone in-between. Come sing, dance, recite, act, play in any form and be heard and appreciated.

Sign-up will be first-come first-serve. Each performance will be 6 minutes. Inquire about featured slots. Slots reservation can be gifted for consistent attendance.

Your host:

Winston has been hosting mics around the city for 3 years, performing poetry and curating spaces for artists at any level to share and hone their art forms. He is proud of the friends who have been brought up, but is extra encouraging to brand new performers, trying to find an audience or share for the first time.

Event is open to all people, bring your full self, celebratory clothing, and a friend! (no robots unless they are performing)

This is a masks optional event.

DIY Music Effects Workshop – Build a Stompbox with the Daisy Seed! 10/7/2023

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Sep 252023

DIY Music Effects Workshop - Build a Stompbox with the Daisy Seed!

Tickets for this Saturday, October 7 · 1 – 4pm EDT workshop are on EventBrite

Musical effects are for everybody! Join this workshop and get hands-on experience assembling and programming your very own stomp box using the Daisy Seed, a microcontroller specifically designed for music applications. By the end of the workshop, we will understand how code is used to modulate audio input in your custom stomp box.

We will begin by understanding how various effects function and then assemble a custom PCB and enclosure for your very own stomp box. After assembly and testing, we will learn how to program the boards with custom effects using Visual Studio code. The remaining time will be for participants to tinker, ask questions, or participate in an improvised jam session with their newly assembled stomp boxes.

Who should participate:

Musicians who want a custom, reprogrammable, and low-cost effects pedal, those curious about effects pedals, and people who want to explore experimental music making but don’t yet know how or are deterred by the cost of equipment.

Participants will be soldering and assembling the boards. We are happy to teach you how to solder and give support for assembly as needed. All instruction and build materials will be provided and included with the price of the workshop. We will also assist with reprogramming the pedal as needed. We will do everything we can to make this a great experience for all who participate.

What to bring:

Please set up your software environment ahead of time using the instructions here so we can focus our time together on assembly and programming. If you are interested in participating in the jam session, please bring a speaker or amp to plug your new device into. If you have an instrument you want to bring that has a standard ¼” jack, bring it! If you don’t we will have some contact mics available for you to borrow. We will have a limited supply of ¼” cables, so if you could bring some that would be a huge help.

Your instructors:

Becky Button and Jason Garwood are a transdisciplinary creative team with backgrounds in Electrical Engineering, Architecture, and Human-Computer Interaction. Heavily influenced by the experimental electronic music scene, they work in improvised music and tech-driven experiential visuals. After studying together at Carnegie Mellon, they are sharing their love for performance and community by destigmatizing music tech. Follow them on Twitter: @einsteinunicorn and @jasontgarwood 🙂

*Participants will be asked for their feedback to help improve the kit through a survey.

This class is masks optional

Making Music with Code – 9/30/2023

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Sep 252023

Making Music with Code

Tickets for this Saturday, September 30 · 12 – 3pm EDT workshop are on EventBrite

A three hour workshop exploring how to create music with code, using a web-based tool called Strudel. Preview of the workflow: Creating a song from scratch with Strudel, a browser version of TidalCycles.

Your instructors:

Dan Gorelick is a musician, creative technologist, and organizer who is based in the Bay Area and has a presence in Brooklyn and Berlin. He creates live audiovisual performances, blending his classical cello experience with the practice of live-coding: creating music with code. He is a co-founder of the Bay Area live audio-visual collective AV Club as well as Club Code, a non-location-specific collection of artists focusing on live-coding performance. He is also an organizer and member of the LivecodeNYC and TopLap Berlin collectives. His workshops explore live-coding as well as the creative possibilities when using technology to create music.

Viola He (sandpills) is a Shanghai-born, Brooklyn-based artist, educator, and cultural organizer. Their creative practices engage with DIY electronics, programming, movements, and time-based media. Using algorithmic approaches to enhance, alternate, and obfuscate sounds and images, they work to explore pathways towards alternative structures, systems and interfaces. Viola often dreams about clowning, computational humor, and infiltrating digital spaces with physical bodies as tools for intervention.

This is a masks optional, but recommended, event.

The Scrapyard Challenge: Classic Arcade Controller Redesign – 8/27/2023

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Aug 232023

The Scrapyard Challenge: Classic Arcade Controller Redesign

Tickets on EventBrite for this Sunday, August 27 · 1 – 3pm EDT workshop

Join an interactive, arcade controller design workshop where participants will build novel controllers for classic arcade games!

The Scrapyard Challenge: Classic Arcade Controller Redesign Workshop is an interactive, arcade controller design workshop where participants will build novel controllers for classic arcade games such as Street Fighter, Ms.PacMan, Pacman, Donkey Kong, Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Centipede, and more. Participants are split into groups and can choose a classic video game and design a novel controller (the crazier the better!) to control all aspects of the game such as 1, 2, 3 player controls, action buttons including jump, kick, punch, shoot, magic and controller directions such as up, down right, left. The goal is to make each game as interactive as possible with full-body control systems built from scrap materials and junk. The workshop uses USB encoder boards and RaspberryPi computers running RetroPie for game emulation.

No electronics skills are necessary to join, all skill levels welcome!

NOTE: For this workshop participants are encouraged to bring “junk” to the workshop to hack on. This can include: Misc gadgets – basically any old kids toys that have moving parts are good – like a kids mini garage set or a plastic radio or plastic doll house, etc.. on the gadget side – things like electric can openers, fans, old record players, RC cars, etc…

Scrapyard Challenge Workshops:

The Organizers:

Jonah Brucker-Cohen is an award winning researcher, artist, and writer. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at Lehman College / CUNY in the Bronx. He is a New INC. mentor, was a New York Hall of Science Designer in Residence, and a visiting artist at Cornell Tech. He received his Ph.D. in the Disruptive Design Team of the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department of Trinity College Dublin. His work focuses on the theme of “Deconstructing Networks” and includes over 100 creative projects that critically challenge and subvert accepted perceptions of network interaction and experience. His artwork has been exhibited at venues such as SFMOMA, Canadian Museum of Contemporary Art, MOMA, ICA London, Whitney Museum of American Art, Palais du Tokyo, Tate Modern, Ars Electronica, Transmediale, and more. His projects, “Bumplist” and “America’s Got No Talent” are both included in the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art. His writing has appeared in publications such as WIRED, Make, Gizmodo, Neural and more. His hardware hacking Scrapyard Challenge workshops have been held in over 15 countries in Europe, South America, North America, Asia, and Australia since 2003. Twitter: @coinop29

Katherine Moriwaki is Associate Professor of Media Design in the School of Art, Media and Technology at Parsons School of Design. She teaches primarily in the MFA and BFA Design + Technology Program. Katherine is an artist, maker, and interactive designer. Her work has been exhibited and presented internationally in conferences, festivals, and museums around the world. Katherine is a founder of the “Scrapyard Challenge” a workshop in which participants create electronic interactive objects out of found materials and junk. She is co-author of “Fashion and Technology: a Guide to Materials and Applications” published by Fairchild/Bloomsbury. Twitter: @kakirine

“GETTING UP” learn and make street art – 8/25/2023

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Aug 222023

"GETTING UP" learn and make street art

Tickets on Evenbrite for this Friday, August 25 · 6 – 9pm EDT workshop

Join this workshop to learn about a variety of urban art forms and work on your own art with help from our guide. We’ll go over a broad range of artistic expression and social commentary that people chose to display in public, and get into all you need to know to join them in a responsible way. We will discuss ethics, safety, and focus on a few specific types — going through production techniques for stickers, posters, and stencils.

Expect to get hands on with tools and materials to develop a sense for a few of the virtually limited options this form of art encompasses, then use them for your own project. We’ll have a variety of markers and surfaces for practice (and some to keep!), and participants can bring their own supplies and computers if they want.

Participants will work on their own project. Bring an idea that you want to start with or develop further. All are welcome to continue their work at any of our open craft nights. Anyone who wants to work together may do so. If you arrive without a concept, you will work on art to promote personal privacy. Any message and form of expression is valid and welcome except anything promoting hate. We’ll have a small group for this event to make sure that everyone can get help to bring their idea to life.

This workshop is masks required.

2 pay-what-you-can tickets available for folks experiencing financial hardship.

BLING BLING like the SUN ~ A Jewelry Make-Along 8/19/2023

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Aug 152023

BLING BLING like the SUN ~ A Jewelry Make-Along

Tickets on EventBrite for this Saturday, August 19 · 1 – 4pm EDT Make-Along

Stela hosts her second BLING BLING jewelry make-along. All necessary materials will be provided, and in Brooklyn’s loveliest DIY space of soul, NYC Resistor. Let’s gather round the wooden table to make one-of-a-kind pieces in good company. Feel free to make one masterpiece or many!

The first one was for baba; this one is for Blerta, my sister – a LEO. I will spend the 3 hours making a birthday necklace for my Blertush ?

Masks not required.

Synthesizer Night @ NYC Resistor 8/18/2023

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Aug 142023

Pay-what-you-wish tickets on EventBrite for this Friday, August 18 · 7 – 11pm EDT event

Join us at NYC Resistor, a makerspace in Brooklyn for an electrifying Synthesizer Night! Get ready to unleash your creativity, explore sonic landscapes, and connect with fellow synth enthusiasts in an evening dedicated to the mesmerizing world of synthesizers. This is a pay-what-you-wish event (recommended donation $8)

Synthesizer Night at NYC Resistor is a celebration of all things synthesizer. Whether you’re a seasoned musician, an avid collector, or simply fascinated by the possibilities of electronic sound, this event offers a unique opportunity to gather with like-minded individuals and revel in the captivating soundscape of synthesizers.

At Synthesizer Night, participants are encouraged to bring their own synthesizers, from vintage analog gems to cutting-edge modular wonders. It’s a chance to showcase your personal setup, experiment with new equipment, and dive into the rich sonic tapestry that synthesizers offer.

The event unfolds in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, providing a platform for musicians, enthusiasts, and curious minds to connect, collaborate, and share their passion for synthesis. Whether you’re a beginner seeking guidance or an expert eager to inspire others, Synthesizer Night is the perfect setting to engage in conversations, exchange knowledge, and foster a vibrant community.

Throughout the evening, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in impromptu jam sessions, where the collective energy of multiple synthesizers intertwines to create awe-inspiring sounds. Experience the joy of collaborating with fellow musicians, experiment with different genres and styles, and let the unique characteristics of each instrument shape your sonic explorations.

Additionally, for those who wish to showcase their skills and perform, there will be dedicated performance slots. Take center stage, captivate the audience, and let your creativity soar as you demonstrate the full potential of your synthesizer setup. To sign up for a performance slot, email [email protected] or join our Discord and post to #synth.

Whether you’re an ardent synth enthusiast, an aspiring musician, or simply curious about the captivating world of synthesizers, Synthesizer Night at NYC Resistor is an event that will inspire, educate, and leave you in awe of the boundless possibilities that electronic sound offers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in an evening of music, collaboration, and innovation. Mark your calendars, pack up your favorite synths, and join us at NYC Resistor for a night you won’t soon forget. We can’t wait to see you there!

This is a masks optional event.

Kitchen Lithography Make-Along: printmaking with aluminum foil and soda! – 8/13/2023

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Aug 022023

Kitchen Lithography Make-Along: printmaking with aluminum foil and soda!

Tickets on EventBrite for this Sunday, August 13 · 2 – 5pm EDT workshop

This is not your typical craft class. Make-Along is a self-guided craft workshop where participants learn new skills, explore new materials, and make great things!

August Make-Along: Kitchen Lithography

Start by making a drawing on aluminum foil, and then through the chemical magic of cola and vegetable oil, turn it into a printing plate that you can print on Resistor’s etching press! No printmaking experience is required, but if you are an expert, come share your wisdom! Bring ideas for drawings and designs – we hope everyone will have time to make and print at least two images.

Kitchen lithography was invented by the French artist Émilie Aizier, adapting the traditional technique of stone lithography to more common materials. Drawings in grease pencil on the foil repel water and soda but attract oil-based ink, and the mild acids in cola prepare the aluminum background to hold a film of water and repel the ink. It kind of looks like magic, but it’s chemistry!

Oils and inks can be messy! We will supply gloves, but please wear clothing that would be improved, rather than ruined, by stains.

This workshop is masks optional.

Intro to 3D Modeling in Onshape (free, cloud based software!) – 8/9/2023

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Jul 312023

Intro to 3D Modeling in Onshape (free, cloud based software!)

Tickets on EventBrite for this Wednesday, August 9 · 6 – 9pm EDT class

In this class you will learn how to use Onshape, a free, intuitive, cloud based design software.

Onshape designs are great for:

3D printing

laser cutting


Metal casting

blueprints for projects

DIY projects, art, jewelry, furniture, robots, whatever!

Onshape is NOT great for:

Animation / video game design (Learn something like Blender for that)


  • Bring your laptop!
  • Create a free account at

The class will start with a one hour overview of the basic features of Onshape. You will follow along with me while we all create something together. The best way to learn is trial by fire so the last two hours of class you will create your own design. The class size is kept small so everyone can receive personalized instruction if they get stuck. You can design whatever you want so come to class with some ideas!


Your Instructor, Caleb Young:

I worked as a mechanical engineer out of college designing machine parts using software similar to Onshape. A few years ago I switched into software engineering and now build things as a hobby. I’ve built furniture, jewelry, 3D printers, laser cut maps, and converted a camper van! Onshape helped me with all of this so I’m excited to share my knowledge with fellow artists and builders!

This class is masks optional.

Plant Swap! – 8/6/2023

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Jul 292023

Plant Swap!

Pay-what-you-want tickets for this Sunday, August 6 · 1 – 3pm EDT event on EventBrite

Are plants overtaking your apartment? Do you need some fresh blood….errr plants in your life? Come out to Resistor’s first plant swap! Bring a plant, take a plant! It can be a full grown plant, seedlings, sprouts, cuttings, you name it!

We will have a limited amount of dirt and pots available, but feel free to bring your own if you would like some help repotting, propagating, or just general plant tips! Please bring at least one plant you would like to swap!

Pay what you want! Donations help the space!