Laser Cutting on Oct 14

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Oct 102017

Want to get certified to use our laser cutter? Of course you do! Our next laser cutting class is on Oct 14.

In this three hour class, we’ll walk through all the steps from idea to pressing the “go” button on the laser. We’ll cover safety, basic file preparation, and learn how to do a burninate test to find out if a material is laserable. After the three hours, you’ll have made a plaque for your door, a keychain, a simple box or something slightly ambitious. (There is lab time for laser cutting, questions and answers, and working with Inkscape, Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc.)

Tickets available here.

Halloween and 10th Anniversary Party

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Oct 042017

We’ve got a lot to celebrate! It’s NYC Resistor’s 10th anniversary and it’s Halloween.

We’re having a party October 28th at 8:00p!

NYC Resistor was formed in 2007. In the past 10 years we’ve grown and evolved, both as a group and physical space. Come find out what we’re all about and raise a glass to new and old friends!

By popular demand, DJ Smokey returns to NYCR with a fresh and spooky set of hand-mixed beats, and this time he’s bringing along his visual effects team, Interlock Ness Monster, to perform a laser lightshow and more.

We’re having a costume contest! Wear your best costumes and bring your best props.
(It’s also ok if you’re shy and don’t want to wear one)
21+, tickets are only $8 in advance, $10 at the door. Includes free drinks (soda, water, beer, wine, liquor) and snacks.

Soldering Party for Great (Social) Justice with HeatSeek, Thursday Oct 5, 6-9pm

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Sep 302017

Learn to solder and help Heat Seek assemble devices to track the heat in apartments and keep landlords honest! Sign up here

We need your help to solder and assemble 25 of HeatSeek’s latest temperature-logging devices. This is a simple through-hole soldering project and a good place for beginners to start and we’re happy to teach you how to solder, but we’d also LOVE help from a few experienced folks who can guide others or zip through a few devices even faster!

Heat Seek‘s mission is make the city a safer, warmer place to live for all New Yorkers. Heat Seek helps tenants resolve their home heating issues by providing the objective, reliable temperature data they need to hold their landlords accountable. Working closely with tenant organizers, public interest attorneys, and city officials, HeatSeek installs proprietary temperature sensors and offers technical expertise to assist low-income tenants in documenting when their landlords fail to provide adequate heat during the wintertime. By focusing on tenants at risk being forced from rent-stabilized and other affordable housing, Heat Seek ensures that sensors are placed with the tenants who need their data the most.

If you’re able to come help, please sign up so we know how many helpers to plan for!

2017 Group Portraits

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Sep 132017

The Future of Resistor meeting. Photo by Billie Ward, licensed CC-BY

Photo by Becky Stern

Giant D20: I made my favorite theatre director cry…

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Sep 122017

One of the things I got hooked on when moving to New York City is the improv theatre show sequence The Campaign — a troupe plays out a D&D-style dungeon-crawling campaign on stage.

On a whim, I decided that I really should give them a Christmas gift, and realized that I had a pile of red mirror-acrylic scraps sitting around. After looking around for giant D20s, I decided to simply build my own to give them.

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#Noisebridge10th – A Hackerspace Anniversary

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Sep 112017

I’m a transcoastal transplant: my first hackerspace was Noisebridge, and I joined the day they opened their first space on 83c Wiese in September 2008. I was an active member until I left the Bay area in 2011.

Sutro Tower, for me personally the fundamental icon of San Francisco, and of Noisebridge.

This makes me about a year later to the party than the founding members of the Early Three: NYC Resistor, Noisebridge and HacDC all three came out of inspiration from the same Chaos Computer Camp in 2007 – the celebration of this start is what I’ll be writing about here.

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Sep 012017

We have so many exciting classes coming up in September. Whether you want to make adorable floating plant planets, set up your security game with TAILS, or learn to build your own electronics circuits, we’ve got something for you this month.

Sep 9: Laser Cutting
Sep 10: Pseudonymous Identities with TAILS
Sep 16: Intro to Arduino: Sensors and Input/Output
Sep 17: Kokedama Make-Along
Sep 23: Circuit Basics

Amateur Digital Archeology at Def Con 25

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Aug 302017

Some of the craft night visitors may have noticed me infrequently show up at resistor to work on some strange looking laptops over the past year. These laptops were 2 space flight modified NASA PGSC units. These are GRiD Case model 1530 387 units that were configured custom for the Shuttle program in 1992. I recently gave a presentation these at Def Con 25. I have also compiled on a URI listed below, all of the information that I have so far uncovered relating to these systems and others like it.

Read on for more information…
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