Apr 222010

May 15th is approximately half-way to Halloween and we just can’t wait any longer. Put on your best costume and come on out for our ridiculously early Halloween party!

  • May 15th 9p-???
  • NYCR 87 3rd Ave 4th floor
  • No door charge, so BYOB.
  • Prizes for best costume and best hat!
  • Costumes are required! Wear one or we’ll put one on you!
Mar 102010

Here’s a simple paint program I made using canvas. It’s a pretty blatent ripoff of another one that a friend showed me today, but unfortunately I don’t have the URL handy. (Sorry, I’ll update in the morning!) The framework makes it pretty simple for you to add your own tools. Click on for source.

Update: Harmony was the inspiration I was looking for!

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Mar 072010

For today’s March Madness program I wanted to try to do something useful with the canvas tag. I decided it would be nice to be able to programmatically generate a background gradient for a web page based on the time of day. If you’re looking at the site in the morning the colors would be different from afternoon, sunset, midnight, etc. I created a hidden canvas tag to do my work and then used the toDataURL method to pass the resulting image to the body’s CSS. Source is below the fold.

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Mar 052010

Two programs for you for Thursday night’s entry. A crude Logo interpreter written in Javascript using the HTML5 canvas tag and a quick logo program to go with it. Now when I say crude, I mean crude.

  • You have to separate everything with whitespace because the parser is finicky.
  • All the loops are unrolled so careful with your nesting depth.
  • The only commands supported are the basics: FD, LT, RT, PU, PD and REPEAT.

That said you can still make some fun stuff with it. Source is in the “Read more”.

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