Dec 102008


You’ve got your Processing in my Arduino! No, You’ve got your Arduino in my Processing!

Come learn the glory that is hooking up real space to code space. We’ll take apart my Spooky Box, learn how it works, and you’ll build your own. We’ll learn about the Serial interface in Processing, and how to use it efficiently to talk to Arduino.

  • What: Processing+Arduino Class
  • When: Saturday, December 13th @ 2:00PM-4:00PM
  • Where: NYC Resistor HQ 397 Bridge Street 5th floor Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • How Much: $50.00 $25.00
  • Bring: An Arduino, a laptop, and some potentiometers and push-buttons. If you need stuff, let me know. I’m justin at blip dot tv.

Act now for my Special Holiday Special! Just choose “Starving Student” to get in on the fun for only $25.00!

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Oct 142008

Connect the dots on the spookybox

Calling all Processing peeps! It’s time for another meeting. This time it’ll be on Wednesday, October 22nd at 7PM @ NYC Resistor HQ. Everyone bring your projects to share.

I’ll be showing off the state of the Spooky Box, walking through how it works, and encouraging you all to get involved. It may be your last chance to get in on the spooky action before the big Halloween Party.

Hope to see you there!

Oct 082008

Diode Zombie

It’s party time at the hacker space again! This time bring your costume (no, really — or we’ll put one on you). Spend Halloween with us at NYC Resistor. With drinks, costumes, candy and spooky things aplenty, you can’t go wrong.

When: Friday, October 31st @ 9PM – ???
Where: NYC Resistor HQ, 397 Bridge Street Brooklyn NY 11201
Cover: $10.

Sep 282008

The Spooky Box is a simple interface for Processing that consists of 3 knobs and 4 buttons. There are two versions, an Arduino based hardware one which doesn’t exist yet, and a software emulator which I just finished. There’s also an accompanying Processing library that works for both which is ridiculously easy to use.

If you’re looking for a simple, generic UI for your Processing apps, consider trying this out. I’ll be releasing more info as the hardware gets put together.

PS. The skull image in the background there is CC licensed, and can be found here.

Sep 112008

We’ll be hosting the first Processing Study Group meeting on Wednesday, September 24th at 7:00PM at NYC Resistor HQ. If you’re interested in Processing, from novice to expert, join the mailing list and come check it out! I’m looking for someone to give a 5-minute ‘Why you should use Processing’ talk at the meeting, if you’re interested please let me know. See you there!

Aug 252008

Fire the lazzor at my phone!

Look at that, it’s a perl obfu etched on to the back of my phone. This was done at 1200 dpi, 40% power and 100% speed. The code takes “[new york city resistor]” and transforms it into “just another perl hacker”. The hardest part was the formatting into ascii art using vi. You may be able to see that I had to pad the code a bit at the end.

Aug 192008

Oh yes, that is indeed a freshly cut laser cutter just ready to cut with lasers! Unfortunately, due to shipping and installation delays we can’t actually use it yet. It’s the worst kind of tension, like using the one-present-rule to open half of a two parter on Christmas eve. All we can do is look, drool a little, pour over the manuals again, and dream of all the things that will soon be cut, etched or otherwise mangled with pinpoint laser accuracy.

Here’s some of the ideas bounding about the space, keeping us all up at night (in no particular order):

  • A housing for The Stribe
  • Cut and etch a picture of James Bond, and then slice it in half
  • One of those dinosaurs that you punch out of wood and fit together
  • Small floral silhouettes that can be used as pendants or earrings
  • Cut some geometric art created with Context Free
  • Some cardboard prototypes for a loom
  • Some general geometric interlocking stuff
  • An acrylic coat of arms
  • A jig for “real” megascroller
  • A “finger” mechanism for crawling robot
  • Some thin penrose tiles for penrose scarf
  • NYCR laser coasters (for Friends of Resistor)
  • And of course the obligatory etching of logos, warnings, and expressions into various Apple products

These all sound pretty good to me. What would you LAZZ?