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While our doors are closed, help us keep the lights on

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Sep 142020
Photo of NYC Resistor's front door, featuring a steel sign with Resistor's logo.
Photo by Billie Grace Ward.

Like many community spaces, both in New York and across the world, NYC Resistor has suspended all in-person events until it’s safer for people to breathe the same air indoors. More than ever we feel the need to stay connected to our community, you! So we’ve started a Friends of Resistor program and Discord chat which you can join.

Our space is largely funded by a combination of member dues and event ticket sales, the latter of which has taken a steep dive since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been adapting an increasing number of our classes to be available as online workshops where possible and we encourage you to check out our upcoming classes while we continue to adapt to an extremely-online near future.

In addition to enrolling in our online classes, we also offer some class discounts and access to our community Discord chat through our Friends of NYC Resistor membership*, which you can sign up for through Withfriends. Our Discord chat — the successor to the old NYC Resistor Microcontroller mailing list — allows makers from NYC and across the world to hang out online in lieu of our normal craft nights.

Friends of NYC Resistor levels start as low as $1 per month, with discounts for online classes available at higher enrollment levels.

Sign up today!

* Note: Friends of NYC Resistor Membership is its own program, and not to be confused with regular NYC Resistor membership.