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Awwww cuuute: making crochet monsters class

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Feb 252018

So today was the Crochet Make-Along 101 class, aka let’s make cute monsters.  It’s part of a series of classes: once a month, we have a Make-Along class (March is how to make egg dioramas).

I sat knitting quietly in the corner (aka unpicking lots of rows and swearing gently under my breath) as about 15 people, all absolute beginners, giggled and wowed their way through making these:

They were all beginners.  It took me forever to learn how to crochet last month; this class learnt crochet stitches, used them (“magic circles!”) and created these monsters in less than 3 hours.  Well done class!

Favourite quotes: “Let’s pick up the poop one”, “He’s so cute”, “it went great”.

Here are all the NYC Resistor classes (soft and otherwise).  NYC Resistor also has a public slack group (contact [email protected] to be invited), including a knitting and crochet channel (#pkptransistor).