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“Taylor Swift” Would Like to Remind You to Vote Today

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Nov 062018

Although it didn’t make an appearance at our Halloween Party, The Red and Blue Tour made its debut further north in Manhattan last month. There, it serenaded the visitors of a haunted art house’s bathroom with red and blue light, offered politicized candy and played a mixtape which began with some pontifications on the impact of Taylor Swift’s recent Instagram post increasing voter registration in Tennessee, followed by a curated playlist of her best hits.

The installation, built into a refurbished voting booth, was set up with a laptop running Ubuntu and Firefox as a kiosk which allowed partygoers to register to vote on the spot* using TurboVote, a website you can still use to register to vote—it’s never too early for 2020! If you’re already registered to vote in New York City but would like to figure out where your poll site is though, check out the NYC Board of Elections’s Poll Site Locator.


* Until we lost our Wi-Fi connection anyway.