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We are not equipped to accept visitors outside of our public nights. Please sign up for free tickets to ur Craft Nights or email us to set up an appointment.

Email: contact [at] nycresistor [dot] com.

There’s now also a public Discord Server:  Join Here or reach out to our contact email for support.

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  1. I believe your workshop has an age limit of eighteen years old
    I am under such a limit and I am looking for a lab to be able to build projects in, tips?

  2. Was your group featured in a WSJ artical?

  3. Hoping to see and Android programming 101 class soon

  4. Good day NYC Resistor,

    I’m looking for any contact details (email, phone number or mail address) of the website owner or marketing person that I can communicate with for possible business venture on website income opportunities. We are very much interested to do business with you. Please send me an email together with your website name and I’ll be glad to call you to discuss this matter.

    Thank you

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  5. Please more html/css classes!

  6. Looking for a tech to convert cell phone screens into a monitor for an art project. Cool if it ends up as open source. contact [email protected] for details.

  7. Would you recommend a place on NYC where I can get Arduino boards /kits. I am visiting  NY from Canada where online purchase wil cost us 1.5 more compare to what you pay there. So far I have found checked NYC computer store but there are some comments saying you must ne a student there.
     Thnak in advance

  8. Anybody good with HTTP,  HTML, Dynamic DNS and and router ports
    I have a super awesome project and I need advise on how to realise the last piece of the puzzle
    I’m trying to program the robot to receive a http remote command from a webpage so that smartphone users can change it’s lighting patterns in real time! 

  9. Hi guys. I desperately need help to fix a power supply issue for two video headsets that will be used in an exhibition opening in 11 days time here in Manhattan. The headsets comprise a camera and video goggles. Each set transmits and receive the signal wirelessly from the opposite set. i.e the wearer can see the view of the other set if you get what I mean. I need to ensure a stable battery supply for 1-2 hours for each set for the opening. This is one element in whaT will be a pretty cool show.  Is there someone at Resistor who can help me with this.?
    Hope to hear back from someone

  10. I’m a tool and die maker by trade and a tinkerer by avocation. I’m interested in seeing what you are doing. I also have a lot of tools I no longer need and would be interested in donating them. Could I stop by some evening to check out what you do?

  11. would your group have any clue how to use a television converter box to access the Internet wirelessly on a free channel?

  12. Hello! This is a really neat group. I would love to join or come to one of your events! Unfortunately it may be quite tricky and costly for me since I am a graduate student at a school in upstate New York. The city is 4.5 hours away for me. 🙁

    But I will try to make it to an event sometime this semester. Do you have any virtual events? Nonetheless, I’d love to chat with a group member to bounce ideas off of. 

    My graduate degree is basically a great excuse to tinker around with microcontrollers, inertial sensors, wireless communication and all kinds of other yummy candy. hehe I really enjoy electronics as well…

  13. I have a project I would like to build but have no understanding of how to go about it. I want to light a tube with rgb flex strip inside to shine out various holes in it and also the open end , so that it would shine out into a room. I would like it to be controlled by a remote. Can you advise me or point me to a site that might be able to help?
    Thank You!

  14. We will be happy to have you as an organizer in NYC.We are challenging other cities to join Global Robotics Hackathon(March 2-4). We will ship FREE robots to each team and many other prizes(thanks to our sponsors Google and Robotshop) Register your team here:

  15. anyone know of workshops/classes in NYC area offering Open Frameworks?

  16. I would like to suggest you this post:

    The actual Arduino compiler is not able to compile correctly sketches that require data areas larger than 64kWord. This version is an important enhancement in respect of the one included in the Arduino IDE and offers many advantages: – supports all the 8bit ATMEL microcontrollers families; – overcame the 128kB limit and compiles correctly sketches up to 256kB; – includes best and newest libraries; – outputs a most compact and efficient compiled object code. 

  17. Hi I would like to get in touch with a Arduino developer for tonight and tomorrow. I am working on a project now and I will pay for the help you give me. Please get in touch with me if you are interested! 

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    Sean Strebin, F.C.C. engineer, east coast

  19. Hi, I am a designer based in Brooklyn, looking for a partner who is very passionate about Solar Energy to engage in new product development. Please get in touch if you would love to hear more about it.

  20. Hi. Just got txks for the Lazer class on 9/30. Then I realized I’m going to be at Makerfaire that day. Can I save my tkt for another class?

  21. Hi, I live on long island, and I’m 16. I’m into electrical design and engineering, and I spent the last summer at labs in UC Santa Barbara. I love tinkering with breadboards, LEDs, PCB boards, etc. Is there an age requirement to be a part of this community?

  22. Hello, Resistor Folks!

    Any hopes that you’ll be offering a welding class sometime in the near future?

    Thanks so much!


  23. Anyone know of any hacker groups like this in Portland, OR?

  24. Hi electronic aficionados, I have a project I am working on and my friend who has been the electronics / microcontroller / sound member has to take a leave because of personal reasons. Wondering if anyone wants to join me and my friend who is a mechanical engineer as we build cool things.

  25. Come one come all! If you are a computing professional in the NYC area we want to hear your thoughts on the future of computing. Join us for a listening session with free beer and pizza at our DUMBO loft from 5:30-8:00pm on Monday April 1st. All interested participants should email [email protected] with your name, job function and favorite micro brew.

  26. Greetings, dear Resystor stuff ! Your email seems not to work, cause this letter is still not answered. (i sent it 8 days ago) .

    My name is Sergey – i’m a student of Strelka Institute, based in Moscow Russia. ( )

    I’m also experimental electronic musician and in charge of this

    I’m doing a work on DiY technologies in urban research and tools for workind with urban data. And also i’m very interested in Hacker Spaces.
    I presented first Russian h-space {neuron} in Shanghai this autumn. Here’s the article:

    Our student group will visit NYC soon: we’ll be there at 8th of April and then 13, 14,15 of April !

    We would be interested in visiting your place to get to know about your projects. Also I can make a presentation about and {neuron} and my friends can tell about Strelka.

    Thanks !


  27. Hi –

    I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a place in NYC where you could buy ultraviolet LEDs in bulk for cheap?

  28. Hello all.
    I’ve been working on different kinds of projects, from arduino shields to EEG units and home made robots.
    I was always concerned with the time required for manufacturing a PCB, which in my case was around 5 days, but recently I run into this page: where they offer a machine capable of printing and assembling a PCB in one click.

    I wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with this type of machines and if anyone could recommend a similar solution that could help me prototype faster.

    I appreciate your help

  29. I’m currently working on an art project. My sculpture is a life size centaur.It is hollow inside. It has a monitor in the head and another in the chest. I’ve been using a cellphone for the head and a tablet for the chest. The problem is that the housing for the cellphone , which is an LG phone is too large for the head, although the screen size is perfect 2 inches wide x 1 7/8 inches long. The cellphone needs to be INSIDE the head. However, the head is curved and the phone in its housing is flat. This creates a space between the phone and the forehead when the phone is mounted inside the head. I have been looking for smaller units with varying degrees of success but the problem of the head curvature and the flat cellphone housing will remain regardless of size.
    The tablet has a similar difficulty. It is not flush with the chest. However, the problem is less severe because the curvature in the chest is less pronounced.
    Additionally, the phone and tablet either need to be removable in order to charge them or they need to be able to be connected to a power source with wiring that runs through the sculpture. There will be videos and sound in the head and chest which will play on the cellphone and the tablet respectively.
    Can the cellphone screen be separated from the cellphone housing and still be able to be charged and have access to its files? Perhaps there are small curved screens available which can be loaded with audiovisual files.
    Any help and advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Hope to hear from you.

  30. Is the Arduino/Soldering 101 class that starts on August 25th a one-day class that is offered on multiple Sundays OR does this class require a commitment on multiple Sundays from August 25 to September 29?

    Thank you, Jack

  31. I signed up for the Arduino/Soldering class on 25th August at 1:00pm. The instructor did not showup for the class. There is no communication about any cancellation or if the instructor was delayed etc. Many of the people signed up have left after waiting for 30 mins. This is quite appalling given your reputation as a great hackerspace. I greatly appreciate if you issue a refund for the event.

  32. Im interested in Buying a raspberry Pi i was told you may have them at your place in Brooklyn NY

  33. I’m interested in engraving the back of a guitar as a gift for someone. Would you guys be able to do that for me on Thursdays? And also would it damage the guitar or it’s sound to get it done in the back?

  34. I am interested in taking the introductory laser course offered on Jan 4th (this Saturday) but due to the snowstorm forecast for the Tri-State area this weekend, I wonder if it will be cancelled. In any case, I might not be able to make it if public transportation will have limited availability this coming weekend. Could you please tell me if you offer this class again at a later date?

  35. I need help uploading a old pokemon red .sav file from a cartrige.

  36. I am interested in this class. When is the next time you are giving it?

  37. How about two things, an LT Spice series of classes, and have classes on SUNDAY, I work Saturday

  38. What if I just wanted to purchase the sunrise alarm lamp that was used as a project. Is there anyway I could do that through this service.

  39. Hello, I have a .ai file which I am exporting to.dxf file, it has many layers that need to stay in their exact placement when they are exported. I’ve exported this, but the new file has moved all of the line work over downwards and to the left of the art board. How can I keep this in the exact placement? Additionally, once I edit the .dxf file to correct the placement of the work, it will no longer save as a .dxf .. Help! Thank you! Helena

  40. Keen Home is hiring hackers! Please email: [email protected]

  41. Interested in your group. Love to make durable, useful, low-no tech, high tech stuff.
    Ibrahim Toure, P.E., LEED A.P.

  42. Hey any tours going on after maker fair? We are in town for the weekend and would like to stop by

  43. I just wanted to make sure you knew about the Aaron Swartz Day and International Hackathon events going on in New York this Sunday at ThoughtWorks, Inc., 99 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016
    Contact: Jared Hatch – [email protected] For more information.

    Here’s more information about the background behind this event and these events going on all over the world this weekend:

    Thanks so much!

    Lisa Rein
    Coordinator, Aaron Swartz Day
    [email protected]

  44. Do you guys have a filament extruder

  45. This is Verbal Ase the beatboxing guy. I was wondering if any of you guys are available for me to hire to work on a project for me? Or if you know someone that can help me out. A project I have been trying to get done for 3-4years now. Please contact me by email or phone. [email protected]