We are not equipped to accept visitors outside of our public nights. Please sign up for free tickets to ur Craft Nights or email us to set up an appointment.

Email: contact [at] nycresistor [dot] com.

There’s now also a public Discord Server:  Join Here or reach out to our contact email for support.

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  1. What are some good inexpensive places online to buy parts? Breadboards, resistors and stuff?

  2. I am not very farmilaur with progame creating and coding were can I learn how too (terribal sp, i know)

  3. Hello

    I live in Brooklyn and am interested in obtaining a Ham license, and am wondering if you all are having any courses/classes to that effect.


  4. Like most linux users, I loaded Simple
    Message System on my Diecimila, then got
    frustrated with instructions to use stty
    then screen. So I wrote some shellscripts.

    My script package provides full IO & PWM
    control. AD is scaled to milliVolts and
    formatted for import to most spreadsheets.
    Run ‘wget
    to get the tarfile. Not 24/7,it only works
    when my PC is booted, so keep trying. Thanx.

  5. Hello there NYResistor!

    I noticed your worthy use of CamBam for cutting Space Invaders out of foam. I approve! 🙂

    I have finally got my act together and have released an enhanced commercial version. I am still going to maintain and improve the free one.

    I would be delighted to send you a free user key for NYResistor to use. It’s a lot more fun to use than the free one and should get better as the year progresses.

    I’ve updated the CamBam website and documentation so you should also find it easier to find help! I’m adding new documentation daily at the moment.

    If you can give me an email address I will generate a key for you.


    Andy Payne
    Sunny England

  6. How about using a large office building at night to show a game of life display using the lights in the office? Where can people get those shirts with the resistors logo?

  7. sorry to leave this in a comment but I see no email contact. video of BarBot v2.0 in operation:

    from the party last week, smashing time. hope to see you at the soldering workshop in june.

    bye bye.

  8. your site looks refreshingly fantastic, but I cannot see over half of it because of all the FLASH and Youtube! crap you are using. I wonder if some of you might consider, when you post a movie, to post it as an .avi that everyone can play in mplayer instead of this proprietary AOLeet garbage, so that I will feel less left out through valuing my freedom.

    happy hacking!

  9. Are there any hacker spaces in CT? I moved further away from NYC 🙁

  10. Hey guys
    How’s it going?
    I Met you all at Dorkbot last month and i’m on your mailing list. I have a lot of computer and tech related stuff in my loft that i need to get rid of and i’d like to contribute it all to nyc resistor. mobos, processors, drives, cases, nic cards, scanners, sound cards etc I have a rental van today and tomorrow and i’d like to drive it all over. I emailed your contact address but please email me back [email protected] today or call me/txt me 917 579 6708. I’m sure you guys can use this stuff, split it up among everyone and make projects. I just have no room for it since i’m moving to my girlfriends house.
    get back to me ok?
    matt melnick

  11. I wish I had a group like this in the Boston area.

  12. I have posted this question to the hacker space effort in Kansas City and looking for comments based on your experience: Does joining a hacker space mean committing career suicide?

  13. As a New Yorker who is currently living in exile in PA, I am wondering if there is any possibility that you might video some of your classes (arduino, processing etc) and post them online for those of us living in areas where there are no nearby Hacker collectives. I took a GREAT class at the Hacktory in Philly (highly recommended) but it is tough making that kind of commute on a regular basis. Judging from some of the other posts (Boston, Connecticut etc) there are others who would benefit and a reasonable donation for access to the videos (CDs?) should not be overly burdensome. Thanks.

  14. Have you guys heard of Blip Festival or thought of putting a workshop together with them? They make chiptunes.

  15. Hi, coming to ncy with some high school kids interested in starting a hacker group at our alternative high school, any chance you could do a workshop with us/for us on the day of 12/18? I see you have a craft night but we’d need to be leaving for RI by the time you fire up. Thanks. Steve

  16. Cool, this project really has inspired me to do something like this in my community. Right now it is small with a few people interested. I am interested in any pointers on were to get started. I am currently working on a website.


  17. Hi I was referred by Jordan Press. I have a hacking job for you, to change the currently obnoxious ringtone of our doorbell to something that matches our vibe.
    I’d love your help so please give us a ring.212 260 6064

  18. You know whats really sad, I live in So Cal, and I can’t think of a single group with the same .. principles of NYC resistor. That makes me sad.

  19. Hi,
    Where can I buy a ATxmega256A1 in NYC.

  20. Hi, I am a designer who came to NYC to do a master in media+network. I am very very interested in this kind of groups. I would like to joint your community . I really like to learn and shear with other what a know. I live in Brooklyn and i have a lot of free time right now. how can i collaborate with you??


  21. Dudes, I have a 12″ ibook white, a picture, and want to find out what it would cost to do the laser etching……

  22. Miles Nordin

    pn. curmudgeon.

  23. Hey guys, btw… use the contact email. We usually don’t read the comments section.

  24. Very Cool!
    Will this laser cut through artists illustration board – a paperboard product about .03″ thick?
    Do you rent time on this machine? Can it work with CorelDraw (.dwg) or Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files?


  25. Ernie ping [email protected] for more information. We do rent time on the laser at about a dollar a minute for most normal stuff.

  26. Hi Resistoids! Here are some pics from your roof top just in case any of you haven’t ventured out.

    Doug. (Di’s dad)

  27. Dear Whomever:

    Greetings from Berlin. My name is Cole Brooks-Lyon and I am a 15 year-old boy living in Berlin, Germany. I go to the Nelson Mandela School and have a couple of copies of your magazine MAKE that my brother Bela and I read. I speak German, English and Dutch and would like to make a game company with my best friend Zowie (who still lives in Amsterdam). We want that our company: designs games for computers and consoles. I am also interested in 3-D design animation, acting, art and architecture. My favorite sport is reading fantasy, science fiction and stuff like that. I grew up with my mom reciting Greek, Roman, Sumerian & Eqyptian mythology to me. I know how to meditate and I am really good with origami and figuring out how to build things. I am a Lego kid in a big way even though I am 15. I like math but could do better in it. I don’t try very hard at school but do well enough anyway. I have travelled a lot and have lived in a few countries with my mom who is an artist.

    I am writng you today because my mother won’t let me game anymore because I promised that my love of gaming would transform into learning programming and stuff like that which I haven’t done. She denied my aunt buying me the latest Game Boy cause I haven’t done anything about pursuing my interest so I am writing to you because you know people who do programming and stuff like that in Europe and maybe you could be kind enough to hook me up with some of them to intern, organize their computer files, delete SPAM or whatever so I can learn programming. I want to learn everything about computers, hardware, software, etc.

    Please help me!

    Good evening,

  28. Am very impressed, and would like to know if youre planning a talk group on the re-use of old computers and assemblies to make them into helpful and amazing gadgets.

    I hope to see you sometime soon.

  29. I am interested in checking your group out. Found your website while searching the internet for electronics hints and tips. I have been “hacking” around with audio, video, radio comm, computers, electronics and digital electronics since the late seventies. Electronics in general has always been my biggest hobby. I’d like to check out your craft night or swap meet events. Do you have to be a member to do so? Also, is there an age limit? I have a 12 year old who’s interest in electronics I am trying to cultivate.

    • Do you have an amazing idea that can disrupt or bring about a change in the following categories:

      Health tech, active wear, footwear or urban apparel

      Can you incorporate cutting edge technology into that design? If you feel you need training… please attend our free design meet ups by clicking on this link to register.…. You have four months to design the next best fashion tech wearable. The winners will have design exhibited during our annual Microsoft Fashion Tech Week NY “Internet of Fashion” 2017 and Awarded prize September 17-20, 2017.

      Submissions begin May1, 2017 at

  30. I now live in Syracuse, but I purchase the NY Daily News every Sunday in order to look @ some specific sports stats. I saw the article on your group, and regret that there is not something similar here in the tecno-challenged ‘North Country’. Sigh! Sometimes I really miss NYC.
    I’ve put your website in my favorites group, and will regularly check it out.
    Here’s my question:I have two Acer laptops (Aspire 5720 models ). One is the main, and the other is the b/u in case of emergency.
    They both have 1GB of RAM, and I read an online article showing the ABC’s of installing another 1GB memory chip.
    At the end of the article, the author stated that the ONLY improvement that he noticed was that his Acer Aspire booted up and shut down faster.
    Shouldn’t an increase in RAM have helped programs run faster, other than increasing the boot and shut down time?
    I was planning to install more RAM for THAT reason 1st, with faster boot up and shut down being an additional plus until I upgrade to a pair of high end laptops.

  31. Any place to volunteer my computer building skills. Maybe a place where people bring their old computer junk for geeks to put together and give to poor schools?

    • if you live in NYC, take a look at perscholas. they recycle computers and give them back to the community:

    • The LES e-Recycling program has a huge warehouse in Gowanus with a storefront. They’re always looking for volunteers to help sort the electronics. AND, they have a store in the warehouse that’s the best-kept secret for cheap electronics/computers/cables. $5 HDMI to Thunderbolt adapters!

  32. Hi- I am working on a video/light installation (in nyc) and am in need of a microcontroller to be programmed (I think I can use a friend's.) Unfortunately I know absolutely nothing about all this, so am hoping you can point me in the right direction/help. Thanks!

  33. if you live in NYC, take a look at perscholas. they recycle computers and give them back to the community:

  34. To whom it may concern,

    We are looking for a custom timer for one of our Menorahs for Hannukah.

    Please find the specs below:

    1) 110V 100w bulbs x 9 (each leg is 1.2 amps)

    2) There are 9 outputs, 1 output always stays on. from when the time and date is set. 1 leg would go on every 24hr i.e. 1 leg always on, timer is set for 12/12/2010 @ 4:45 -the 2nd leg goes on, 12/13/2010 @ 4:45 – the 3rd leg goes on. 12/ 14/2010 @4:45 the 4th leg goes on etc.

    3) Before the date and time the timer is set for all 9 legs are on

    4) We would like to have the option that each timer can be set for a different time and date. i.e a small LCD screen (like intermatac has a standard house timer). (the reason for this is: 1) Hannukah works with the lunar calendar so every year it is a different date 2) the lunar calendar, the date starts with sunset, so if i am in the east coast or west coast the time will be different

    5) If possible we would like that the timer can fit into a oval tube 2.5″ x 4.3″ (don’t care about the length)

    6) we would like a 10 wire male female connection on each side which is UL approved – something similar to the attached, but it does not have to be exact

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Cell: 917 826 3368

    Awaiting your reply,

  35. hello guys,
    As an interior designer, I try to put together a business, here in NYC, to distribute and install LED curtains (similar to the CurveLED, see youtube).
    I just came back from China on the point to sign a distribution contract with the producer but there are still many unknown and I need to talk to someone about:
    – electric rules and regulation
    – who should install the curtain
    – where to display the curtain in the city
    – who could program contents (graphics, interactive content, …)

    you can contact me directly 914 309 4460.
    there are serious job opportunities and lot of fun working on a unique product.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  36. Adam:

    What type interface do you use to convert ascii to baudot?


  37. Wish I was closer!

  38. I am looking to start a hackerspace in IA, you guys had a really cool widget on your site a while ago to raise funds. can anyone tell me what the name of the website is?

  39. Hi you guys, this is Sandra Paez your ex-landlord? at 397 bridge st. I had been trying to contact you because I don't know what to do with mail and boxes and I don't want to toss them one is from… let me know what to do my number is 917-293-3848

  40. Hello i´m member of a hackerspace in México, i´m visiting NYC now i like to go a paid a visit if its that ok. salud.

  41. I just acquired 2 knitting machines. Studio 700 and singer 700 mod. I want to learn how to used them and I am looking for knitting machine classes. I live uptown Manhattan. Do you know where I might find classes.

  42. I attended the Soft Circuitry class yesterday. It was a birthday gift from my son. This is not my area of exposure. I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the travel from NJ. IT WAS. Thanks to the two Instructors and helpful co-learners!

  43. I would like to start a hackerspace in my community similar to yours. Could you point me in the direction of information and resources that would help me bootstrap my hackerspace? Wouldn’t it be cool if hackerspaces could “make” other hackerspaces?

  44. Hey Resistors!

    I just want to point out a link for you:

    Fire Painting apparatus was a part of Sanela Jahic’s exhibition entitled “Machines for Cynics and Perfectionists”. Contrary to the postmodernist conventions, the machine intelligence is determined by an obsessive formalist aesthetic and flawless operation. The cybernetic construction in “Fire Painting” sets off explosive levels of kerosene. Its burning can be handled by subtile movements of the sensory data glove for tactile formulation of the fiery image. Thus, the image can be manipulated, yet it constantly escapes control. (Ida Hirsenfelder)

  45. Hey I’m a journalism student at the Columbia J-school doing a story on keeping up with techno toys and the mentality behind being a consumer today when companies like Apple are coming out with new or updated gadgets every few months. I’m looking for a character, someone who just has to have the latest thing – a techno junkie, to spend some time interviewing and following around. Any chance you could point me in the right direction? Please email me on [email protected] Thanks a bunch!

  46. Hi,

    I am very interested in attending the Interactive Show on Saturday, May 7th. Can anyone please tell me when the show starts?

  47. Hello Resistors, I’m a member of Alphaonelabs in Brooklyn ( and some colleagues and I just started a new meetup dedicated to cultural heritage technology. Here’s a little blurb about it: 
    NY Cultural Tech is a cross-disciplinary group for practicing technologists (coders, architects, developers) who are focused on the advancement of emerging technologies from within the domains of public knowledge (government, museums, educational institutions, non-profits and other outwardly focused for-profits).We’d love it if you would join us sometime: